Your target area…is between your ears

Your target area

In all my years of fitness I can honestly tell you that the three words that make me want to scream and pound my face against the wall are “my target area“.

My heart rate and anxiety level just tripled as I sit here at my computer. I am honestly a little annoyed just seeing the words come off my fingers and onto my screen.

Listen people, your target area is between your ears. That is the only target area you should be worried about. You need to work on your thinking before anything else.

Have you have heard the infomercials that take about those moves that hit your target area? I’m sure you see it on the cover of the glassy magazines in the checkout line as well.

Just because someone pays a lot of money to say it doesn’t mean there is any truth to it.

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Welcome to the 21st century.

A target area is a part of your body that you want to look better for some reason. This is flawed thinking to begin with. Why would you want one area to look better then others?

I hear what you are saying though. You probably think that one area doesn’t look as good so that is your target area.

I’m sure it makes sense to you but the physiological truth is that there is just no way.

The body is made to work as a unit to accomplish tasks. The simple act of getting out of you bed to go to the bathroom involves virtually every system that you body has. Thank about how much goes on in your body when you move.

Let’s look at one system in particular: the musculoskeletal system. Did you know that muscles in particular can NOT move by themselves? Each concentric movement involves both a tagonist and antagonist muscle as a main mover. Plus there are stabilizers of the main join of movement plus EVERY OTHER join in the body. Virtually every muscle in your body is engages for every movement we make.

It really is a fascinating thought.

OK, what does this have to do with you and your target area?


The body is very complex and does many things. What makes you think that it’s going to target an specific place for aesthetic development?

You can’t do it. You just can’t.

Your body is going to look like your body is going to look when you get fit and there is little that you can do specifically. Does that mean that you can’t get fit and healthy and looking fucking hot in your underwear? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

You are just going to have to leave behind the notion that crunches and going to help you get better abs and triceps machines do anything for you beyond wasting you time.

You can NOT and will never be able to change your target area so stop trying. Instead focus on getting stronger and more fit each and every day. Develop life long fitness habits and you will get a dream body.

For more on how to actually get results I suggest the blog post “Start Here”. Is it a cliche to say that is the best starting point? Whatever, it really is. READ IT! 

Focusing on target areas will lead to frustration and, in reality, it’s really just you looking for a short cut. You need to stop that. If you want to target something target your heart and lungs. Watch the fat burn from there. 

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