Your Goal Setting Mindset

goal setting mindset

Today’s post will teach about goal setting mindset.

We all know goals are important.

But… goal setting is one of the biggest reasons that people fail in fitness.

Wait..what? How is that the case though? I know that you are going to say…

“But Rick, EVERYBODY, including YOU says to set goals….”

Rick Copley The Fit Life

True story. Everybody is wrong and I have misled you. I am here to correct that mindset with this post. Please follow with me as this is a VITAL mindset switch that you are going to need to make if you want to get results long term. Are you ready to get our eyelashes seared off? Let’s do this.

Goals are fine. It’s great to fit into a pair of jeans or hit a number on the scale.

Then what?

THAT is where people tend to go sideways. You hit your goal then the journey is over.

This isn’t the first time you have heard me talk about this. I talk about this a lot. Hell, the title of my blog is, “The Fit Life”, not the “let’s fit into those jeans life”.

Set goals but set SMALL goals. Get in the habit of setting little goals each and everyday. If you do this then you will get up everyday with a new goal to reach for. This way there is no let down. Each goal is fresh and attainable. It’s OK to set longer term goals but you MUST have many landmark along the way.

This isn’t what most people do and why they fail. You set a big goal and if you don’t make progress forever reason you are defeated and lose momentum. Next comes quitting.

So why do we set goals anyway? This is a VERY important factor to look at.

So you lose the 10 pounds. So what. What does that do for you? You look better. Right?


You feel better, right?

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Very cool.

You are now going to live longer, give more and leave a better legacy, right?


But wait, was it the 10 pounds or was it the person you became along the way?

You have developed healthy HABITS. You have inspired others to do the same. You have become a better example for you kids. Is the “why” looking a little more important now? Does this have anything to do with a number on the scale?

Forget the 10 pound goal for a minute. How about today my goal is to walk on the treadmill for 4 miles and do 50 burpess. What if I accomplish that small goal and set another one tomorrow? In 100 days I will have completed 100 goals…and lost 10 pounds or more.


What better 100 little goals or 1 “big” goal?

Are you with me?

Set goals. Set physical goals. I am 100% for that. But, please don’t get tied up in the numbers. Don’t get bogged down trying to reach some “goal” because it is a goal on a piece of paper. Become a better person. Be better. Feel better.

My goal today is to give my max effort in my workout at noon. Do you think that will help me with my long term goals? Absolutely.

At the end of the day your one goals should be to be fit and healthy. To do that you must workout everyday, eat well and have a positive mindset. Setting a small goals each day will get you there. I promise you that.

Now go out there and get after it. You are a champion. Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you.

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