Your Ghosts

Your Ghosts by Rick Copley

Your ghosts will haunt you or your ghosts will inspire you. You get to decide which it is going to be.

We all know the story of Ebenezer Scrooge. Legend says that late on Christmas eve night he was visited and haunted by three ghosts. These ghosts were of Christmas past, present and future. We all know how it ends. He sees the error of his ways and he changes and helps out tiny Tim and yada, yada, yada.

Your Ghosts by Rick Copley

Think of the story from The Christmas Carol as I present you a little different story.

What if you were visited by three ghosts in the dead of night?

It’s not Christmas though; it’s any time of year. The ghosts are NOT of Christmas past, present and future but the ghosts are of FITNESS past, present and future.

The ghost of fitness past takes you back to when you were in shape. You see yourself happy and healthy. Maybe you are in high school or college or some other time when fitness and health came easy. You marvel at how good you look. You miss those days.

Then things get dark. You are taken to a new time. You are overeating. You are working too much. You are stressed. You can literally see yourself slipping away from good health and you make bad decision after bad decision. You see yourself making choices that make you cringe. You don’t like what you see.

In an instant you are back at your home and back in your bed.

Was it all a dream?

Next you are visited by the ghost of fitness present.

You are whisked away to a local gym. You see on the wall that it says, No Limits Fitness. People are working out and the ones who have done the workout are happy and healthy looking. Those in the midst of a tough workout don’t look so happy but they look trim and healthy. You get a glimpse of what people your age look like when they are healthy and fit.

Your Ghosts by Rick Copley

You are shown what you could look like and can see in the eyes of the people there what it FEELS like to be living a fit life.

With some sadness you are pulled from this gym and are back in your bed.

Was it real? Did that just happen?

You mind races with regrets and with hope. What if you worked out more? What if you ate better? What if…

You barely have a chance to contemplate what has happened when you are visited by yet another ghost. This time it’s the ghost of fitness future.

You are taken to a sad place. You look around the room and you see sad faces. You are confused for a bit. Are those the faces of your kids? Yes, those are your kids as adults now. It looks like you are 10 years in the future. Your children are grown but sad young adults with little kids of their own.

It takes a few moments but you realize that you are at your own funeral. Your spouse is there. Your kids and your grandkids are mourning the loss of YOU. You are led by the ghost of fitness future to look in the casket and you are shocked at what you see.

There you are dead and gone surrounded by the people you love the most. You will miss out on so much because, like Ebenezer Scrooge, you screwed up and you didn’t take care of yourself and do the right things.

This sad, sad, place is all of a sudden gone.

You wake up in your own bed with the fresh memories of the visits from the ghosts of fitness past, present and future on your mind. The sun is shining and you have a chance to make things right. You have a chance to be fit, live fit and empower others to do the same.

We all know what Scrooge did.

What will you do?

It’s never too late to change the future. It’s never too late to become more than you are right now.

Don’t wait for the ghosts to visit you and PLEASE don’t wait for the visions of the ghost of fitness future to become reality.

It’s all up to you. What are you going to do?

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