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This post will help you to understand the real reasons why we workout.

Good morning to you! I have a quick thought that I would like to share with you today. I woke up with this thought in my head and my mission is to help people live a fit life so here I am at my computer.

The fit life is awesome and vitally important and I want YOU to experience it with me.

Today I want to share 4 reasons WHY we workout. The next time its hard to get out the door or you feel like skipping the workout then I want you to refer to this list. Ready? Let’s add value to your life.

The Fit Life Blog

#1 Reason we workout: To live a higher quality of life.

Living “longer” isn’t part if this list. The medical community has figured out how to make us live longer. That’s all well and good but shouldn’t the goal be to live better? From age 50 to age 70 (not including 8 hours of sleep per night) was get to experience life for 116,800 hours. Do you want to experience the fit life where you look and feel good or do you want to struggle from medication to medication and pain management program to pain management program. That is a lot of time. If you are living a fit life that is 116,800 hours of feeling good versus feeling like shit. Which do you choose?

#2 Reason we work out: To be more successful in your J.O.B.

If you are offended by that and you think I am being judgmental then you can stop reading now; thisisn’t the blog for you. I am a business owner. Two people come, both age 50, for an interview. One is vibrant and healthy looking. One is unhealthy is some way. (It could be weight or they could be a smoker or some other obvious issue) Who am I going to hire is all other factors are the same? Chastise me of you want but there is no way I would hire a 50 year old smoker over a non smoker. Which person would take more sick time? Which person would have more energy at work? If you are living the fit life then you are living a productive life. You have more to give. You have more strength, more energy and more enthusiasm. PLUS, if I’m looking at a person that I KNOW has worked hard to be fit don’t I think they are going to work hard at the job as well? The process of living a fit life requires some goal setting and commitment. These are great qualities that I want to my workers! Same goes for entrepreneurs. How many top executive and entrepreneurs do you think are over weight or smoke?

# 3 Reason we work out: Leaving a legacy.

Honestly this one I am a little sketchy on. My mom and step-dad raised me from age 3 to 14 and they couldn’t have been more unhealthy. They both smoked heavy, drank a lot and did drugs. Clearly I came from the planet Mars. It’s the nature verses nurture thing that we can argue all day. Here is my take: At least you can try. If you lead a fit life and your kids end up unhealthy then at least you tried. You can’t make them do it BUT at least you can try, If you live an unhealthy life then your kids will likely go in that direction and you should take responsibility. All we can do is our best. I blogged about our kids a couple of weeks ago. Set them up to decide for themselves which direction to go. At least give them a fighting chance.

#4 Reason we work out: We can change the world.

I’m serious here. All the big efforts to change the health in our country and in our world have been miserable failures. What if, stay with me here, it’s NEVER going to work? What is all these mandates, government programs, fitness systems and the like will NEVER work. What if we need to think on a MUCH SMALLER scale. What if we need to think ONE PERSON and ONE FAMILY at a time. We all have the ability to live a fit life. Every single person in our country could change RIGHT NOW and has the opportunity to do so. The big limiting factor is the decisions that aren’t being made. What if you made yours TODAY? If you do it then your friend does and her friend and his friends at work and her brother in Alaska then his office at work…..and so on. It all starts with you.

Were you expecting me to say thing like “look better in the mirror” or “run a faster mile”? Working out is more then that. It’s about people lives and it’s about the health of a country. We don’t workout to flex in the mirror or to attract a hot looking spouse. We workout to change the world.

Let’s finish up with a gigantic thought.

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Remember that number from earlier? 116,800? Its the number of hours that we are awake from 50 to 70.

Stick with me. Let’s take 10 people. Just 10 people. Let’s say those 10 people don’t lead a fit life. Those years from 50-70 are spend taking medication, struggling and living a life of exhaustion and despair. Not so much time with the grand-kids. Jobs are a struggle because of sick time and hospital stays. Time a church is limited to Sundays and an occasional bible study on a Wednesday night.

I read that the average person in this age range spends $100 per month on medication. The 10 people will spend $240,000 of medication. How much good could that money do if it was donated to the church or to feed the hungry? 

That’s 1,168,000 hours of lives not fully lived. Think about how many hours are spend by people to support these hours? The drugs. The hospitals….the drain on the health care system.

1.2 million hours. Wow.

Now imagine the same 1.2 million hours in SERVICE for the world. Mission trips. Playing with the grand-kids. Giving back to the community. The 1.2 million hours that aren’t a drain on the system but instead are spend HELPING.

The Fit Life Blog

Now extrapolate this out to 100 or 1000 people. That 1.2 million hours is only 10 people.

Let that sink in.

We CHOOSE to live a fit life for our own reasons and, honestly, the reason is usually pretty minor and pretty selfish. We want to look good in a bathing suit or we want to go to a reunion. But, really, when it comes down to it, we workout to become better and to change the world.

I hope you can value from this post. Please like, comment and share if you did. 

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Rock on my friends. Thanks for reading!


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