Why we are overweight

why we are overweight

This post is going to shed light on why we are overweight. The answers may not be what you think. Hold on tight.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are overweight. The latest stats say that it’s 68.6%. That means that almost 7 out of 10 people are overweight. I have some ideas why we are overweight. Most don’t agree but, well, most people are overweight so…it’s gotta be something.

Why are we overweight?

Reason #1: Society says it ok.

We accept it in this country. It’s almost a crime to tell someone they are overweight. We just had a presidential election in this country. How many of the candidates were talking about the fact that 7 or 10 of the voters are overweight?

Answer: None of the them.

In this politically correct society you can’t be outraged that so many people are overweight. If you stand up in a room full of people and say that it is a shame our country is so fat you are going to offend 7 out of 10 people.

We have grown into a society of enablers. We minority (the 32% of so that are not overweight) are so out numbered that we can’t stand up and say anything. We have grown into a society that thinks it’s ok to be “fluffy” or to be have some “healthy” meat on our bones.

It’s not ok.

Reason #2: We have become professional blamers.

It’s the drug companies fault. It’s the fast food industry. It’s the politicians. It’s genetics. It’s my thyroid. It’s expensive. Blah, blah, blah….

You get the point. We blame the whole wide world for us being overweight. Can others shoulder some of the blame for our obesity? Sure. At the end of the day, however, it is 100% up to us to shed the weight and keep it off.

Reason #3: There is lot’s of money is obesity.

Let’s not sugarcoat this. The crappy food industry and the medical industrial complex are pretty powerful. What if everybody was healthy? Profits would go down. There is a lot of money in obesity. A LOT. Where there is money there isn’t much impetus to change.

What would the drug companies do if nobody needed their drugs? What would the soda industry do if nobody drank soda?

Cynical? Maybe. Is this the truth?

I don’t know. You tell me. People that are overweight tend to drink more soda, eat more fast food, (Ya think Pepsi and McDonald’s are big businesses??) and in tern need more medical care. Why the hell would big money (specifically the food industry, the drug industry and the industries associated with these industries) want people to be skinny and healthy?

Do you know how much money my family spends on soda, fast food and drugs each year? ANSWER: Not much.

Reason #4: The quick fix mindset.

Everywhere we turn someone has come up with a new “widget” to help people lose weight. A diet, a workout move, a DVD, a pill…..etc. We live in a fast paced, quick fix, instant gratification society. If it’s hard work then we don’t want to do it.

We all want 8 minute abs.

We all want a new diet.

We all want that magic pill.

That crap doesn’t work. Never has. Never will. Yet, year after year as the percentage of people that are overweight doesn’t go down isn’t it apparent that what we are doing isn’t working.


Reason #5: The health and fitness club industry sucks.

It’ antiquated and it’s money driven.

Planet Fitness is the shining star example of everything that is wrong with the health club industry. This “gym” had actually said they don’t want “bodybuilders”. This goes back to number one. What if they said they don’t want fat people? It’s OK to be overweight but it’s not ok to have muscles?

What a joke.

At Planet Fitness you aren’t allowed to do deadlifts, supersets and you can’t “grunt”. Sorry people, no effort allowed.

$10 per month. How does Planet Fitness make money? How do they fit all their members. They need at least 1000 or so members just to keep the gym afloat. How do you fit that many people in the gym at once? The answer is obvious. $10 per month isn’t missed when 85% of the gym’s members quit in the first 60 days.

Most gyms funnel new members onto a circuit and the elliptical machine. Both of which don’t give results long term. Gyms don’t teach about healthy eating habits and don’t facilitate members working hard to get results.

If gyms “worked” don’t you think our health would be better?

Reason #6: The medical community has their collective heads up their collective arses.

Sorry that I couldn’t come up with a better description. Hopefully you get the point. What does a doctor do with a patient that is obese? Is it a lifestyle change plan that involves eating right and exercise or is it drugs and surgery?

I don’t want to spend too much time here because, honestly, I get so physically upset and utterly disgusted by what our medical professionals are doing that I can’t see straight. What does a doctor say to a patient that is having medical issues that are a direct results of obesity?  Here is what I would say:

“Mr. Smith, your body fat 35%. This is above the 30% which is considered obese and at the line we consider morbidly obese. Your weight is negatively affecting your health and you need to lose weight. If you don’t get your body fat under 25% in the next 6 months you risk of cancer and heart disease are going to triple. You will likely only live another 10 years or so. How are old are your kids again? Let’s set you up on a plan to lose weight….”

The plan would include lifestyle coaching with a trained professional and daily workouts that need to be done.

Do doctors do this or they simply give them a prescription for diet pills and schedule surgery? Or do they simply say, “You need to lose weight.”

I can tell you that I haven’t had any doctors contact me and ask to refer patients. Wonder why that is? 

This article is already too long. We are overweight because of a variety of factors that mostly have to do with accountability and self determination. When people want to get healthy and lose weight they do. We don’t blame others, we don’t wait for the government or doctors to save us.

We just get off our butts and do it.

If you want to learn to how to lose weight then I suggest you listen to The Fit Life Podcast episode, “How to Lose Weight“.

Direct link –> http://thefitlife.libsyn.com/bonus-episode-how-to-lose-weight


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While I was writing this I was conflicted. I wanted to share WHY this topic came to my mind but I also wasn’t sure if I wanted to include it. I have decided to include it here AFTER the article. It will help to illustrate the challenge that I face as a personal trainer, gym owner and online fitness coach.

I tried to “boast” a post on Facebook a while back. You see this on Facebook all the time. A post says “sponsored” in your newsfeed. You spend a few bucks and Facebook makes sure that your post or your ad gets in front of more people. How do you think Facebook makes so much money?

The post I tried to boast had the an image image and a tag line, “Are you struggling to lose weight?

The post got rejected.

Around the same time I had an ad pop up in my newsfeed that said, “Are you struggling with double unders?” I’ll come back to this is a minute.

The reason that Facebook gave is this:

“Your ad wasn’t approved because the body/title text calls out to specific user attributes (ex: race, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender, disability or medical condition, financial status, membership in a trade union, criminal record, ethnicity, name). Such ads may offend the users and lead to high negative sentiment.

Ads should not single out individuals or degrade people. We don’t accept language like “Are you struggling to lose weight ” and the like. Instead, text must present realistic and accurate information in a neutral or positive way and should not have any direct attribution to people.”

You think that I am making this stuff up about big money? Why is it ok to ask if you are struggling with jump rope but not if you are struggling to lose weight? Asking if you are struggling to lose weight is degrading people…but asking if you are struggling to jump rope is ok?

I’m confused. Facebook doesn’t want people to feel bad about struggling to lose weight?

We have a BIG problem people. We live in a money driven society that makes it ok to be unsuccessful and tried to bring down those that are successful. We don’t want to “degrade people” that are struggling to lose weight but we can restrict “body builders” from joining a gym?

It’s just crazy. Really, really crazy.

We are on our own apparently. If we are going to fight “the man” we need do it from the ground up.

I am ready to fight, are you?

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