Who we are

This is going to be a different type of post.

Bare with me.

It may seem like I am contradicting myself as first but I PROMISE to tie it together in the end.

We are who we are and people need to accept that.

That doesn’t mean we can’t change.

Well…ya lost me there….”

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I know, right?

Let me explain.

Different people do things different. We feel different. We have different goals. We ARE different and that is OK.

We don’t all need to be the same. We don’t need to be drones. We don’t need to be a perfect human and a carbon copy of each other to be happy and successful.

Often times I think that too many people get caught up in the feeling of superiority on how others should be. Honestly I can be like this sometimes also; and it is wrong.

I am fit and strong. I feel fantastic because if it. This DOES NOT mean that everybody desires to be or even should be like this. It’s what makes me happy and its what makes me ME but it doesn’t have to be what makes others happy.

My point with my coaching and what I do on a daily basis is to show people that there is a way if that is the DECISION they make. I strive to show people that if they are sick and tired of being sick and tired then I can coach them to a better THEM.

It’s not my job to convince people that they are wrong to not be as fit as I. I think that comes across sometimes and I am sorry if it does.

Many people out there want others to be different to somehow conform to their ideals. The topics of politics and religion are lightning rods. Many people seem to think their way is the RIGHT way and everyone that thinks different is wrong.

This is the main reason you will never hear me talking about politics or religion.

The best part about being human is that we are vastly different in the way that we feel and act. The hard part is that we often don’t understand actions of other humans and this is the case because we don’t understand their feeling. 

Uniqueness can be a blessing and it can be a curse.

Isn’t the uncertainty of life what makes it truly amazing?

My point for today is this: We are who we are. It’s not your job or my job to change people. It’s our job to help people to change when they are ready and when they want to change. 

We are do our best with what life skills we are given. I truly believe that. We may not always do or say the right thing but we do or say what we think is right. TRUST ME, there is a difference.

Think of this concept the next time someone does something that YOU may not agree with. Look through there glasses: He did his best with what he has or she made the only choice that worked for her.

This trip we call life can be TRULY amazing if we worry more about our own impact and out own journey instead of second guessing the journeys of others.

Live your life. Do your best. If you want to be better then be better. If you are content then be content. It’s your right!

Hope that helps. Want to join The Fit Life Community and get coached by the best? Click the image below to learn more.

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We are here for you when you are ready to live THE FIT LIFE.

Live strong. Live fit. Be a champion!


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