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It’s another mindset hack, if you will.

In my mind fitness is about mindset. It’s more about mindset then you think. I would go as far as to say that THE REASON that so many fail on there fitness journey is because of small mindset errors if you will.

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Here is an easy one to change. A tweak that could make the difference.

Its the old word switch.

We are know that working out is beneficial. We all know that it helps us to look and feel better.  Here lies the problem. Do you workout because you NEED to? Or do you workout because you HAVE to?

NEED or HAVE suggests that we are trying to avoid the bad. “I need to workout to keep the weight off…

I have to exercise to stay healthy…

I need to go to the gym because my doctor says I should…

You see where I am going with this?

What happens when you focus on avoidance? That’s right. You tend to get EXACTLY what you are avoiding. If you workout to NOT get fat then what happens when you don’t workout? Yep. You gain weight.

My suggestion is that you workout because you WANT to.

You want to look better.

You want to fell better.

You want to perform better. 

Do you see the difference? It’s about choice. When you choose to do something for a reason then that reason is on your mind and your subconscious mind will empower you to make that choice!

When you do something because you think you need to to or you “have” to then your mind mind will find a way for you to get out of it. Who wants to be forced to do things?

Get the point?

We like to have fun at our gym so that people WANT to workout. Check out a couple of or recent workouts.

If you workout because you WANT to then you will WANT to and you will do this each day. If you workout because you have to then you are halfway to quitting.

Find a way to fall in love with your workout and success is guaranteed.

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Looks like fun, right?

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Rock on.



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