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Another year has passed, another chapter of my life has been written…another page turned.

Today I am 43 and as the days go by and life gets more complex I am learning to enjoy and cherish the simplicity of my life and the freedom that I have. I am truly blessed beyond measure to be in this skin as the we make this trip around the sun.

Today I share with you my introspective view of my life and the world we live in via blog posts (and a podcast!) on my birthday each year.

My 43rd Birthday Podcast: The other 364. 

My 42nd Birthday Blog Post: A Year of Change

My 41st Birthday Blog Post: Birthday Blog

My 40th Birthday Blog Post: 40. 

As we make our way on this journey it’s important to reflect and to grow from this reflection. I don’t celebrate each year. I reflect and change course or reflect and fight on.

Thank you for being on this journey with me. You are a champion. Rock on.

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