How to benefit from being competitive

benefit from being competitive

I am a huge fan of being competitive and I believe that there can be a big benefit from being competitive.

Road races, triathlons, workouts competitions, friendly fitness challenges…

It doesn’t matter what the scenario; the fact is that being competitive brings out the best in you. It helps you to push just a little bit harder and to get just a little bit more out of your body.

This is how you get results. Period.

Some people shy away from “competition” for various reasons. I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t shy away but you should seek out competitive environments to excel to be YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST! 

For competitive environments to work you MUST follow these 4 simple rules and you must follow them in this order!


Rule #1: Do you absolute best and be safe. It’s the simple rule of life, right? If you follow this rule then all other rules don’t matter. This is how you get results. This is win / win. This is the way to challenge yourself by being competitive which will also help to push others. As long as you are giving it your all and you are safe then nothing else matters. You have already won.

Rule #2: Challenge your rival. You are in a road race. You look up with a half mile to go and that dude that beat you at the last race is 20 yards in front. What do you do? BEAT HIM! Why not? You might as well get a little more out of yourself and go after that rival. Your rival might be your spouse, your co-worker or some random person that doesn’t even know who you are. It’s all about doing your best and getting results. Nothing wrong with stepping up your effort!

Rule #3: Move up the leader-board. What place are you in? Are you 11th? Get top 10! Are you 6th? Get top 5! Who is going to win? Why not you? Remember that if you are doing your best and you are competing with a rival then you have already won. Why not go for more and grow a little more as a person? Why not be that person that wins your age group or advances to the next level or wins accolades. WHY NOT YOU?

Rule #4: Understand that winning and losing don’t matter. A lot of time people don’t want to be competitive because they think the world is going to end if they lose. They think they will feel or look bad. At the end of the completion, whatever it is, life returns to normal. This isn’t life or death. You aren’t going to be kicked off the island.


Who knows. You may just get great results and have the body of your dreams. You can and you will but you need to follow the rules….

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