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Have you ever tried to figure out the cause of a problem that seems obvious but, when you keep digging, it isn’t as clear?

Let me give you an example. Last summer I was at Six Flags in Texas. We were strapped into the roller coaster waiting to launch. I man in front of us sat down but was having trouble. The attendant came over to help only to figure out that he was to fat to strap in. He and his family got up got up and weren’t able to ride the roller coaster.

Why didn’t he ride the roller coaster? He was to fat.

Why was he to fat? He doesn’t eat well and he doesn’t workout enough. (I’m making up the rest of this so bear with me!)

Why doesn’t he workout? He doesn’t have time.

Why doesn’t he have time? He’s busy at work.

Why is he busy at work? He needs to pay for his BMW.

Why does he have a BMW? He likes the way it drives.

Why does he like the way it drives? The seats are comfortable and the steering is tight.

OK, let’s go a different direction.

Why doesn’t he eat well? He eats out a lot.

Why does he eat out a lot? He doesn’t know how to eat right.

Why doesn’t he know how to eat right? His parents never taught him.

I’ll stop now.

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I could ask 100 more questions and you could get 100 more answers. The truth is that the root cause of him not riding the roller coaster is not that he is fat. The root cause goes so much deeper. The reality is that his man doesn’t live a fit lifestyle. The root cause is that he hasn’t created the right habits that will allow his to be fit and healthy every day.

The root cause is complex yet is based on simplicity. He has made bad lifestyle decisions and he continues to do so on a daily basis.

I thought about this topic the other day what I heard someone say that they need “cut out sugar” or “cut out gluten” or some sort of silly thing like that. Someone (I’m not sure if it was the person or a loved one of the person) was having some sort of issue and the answer (THE CAUSE) was sugar or gluten. I suspect that it actually went much deeper then that.

Do you exercise everyday? (That would be my first question!)

In most cases it’s poor lifestyle choices make over and over again. It’s not the “cause” its the cause of the cause of the cause of the cause.

You may by this point be asking what the hell my point is. You would be right to be asking me that.

Here you go.

If you have a health issue you are not going to change that issue by looking for the cause. You are going to change your issues by going back to the basic principles of health and wellness. Eat right, move your body and change your mindset for the better. Cutting out sugar, hiring a trainer or going on a diet isn’t your answer. The answer is to change your lifestyle and do it in an incremental way. One change will never work long term. You need to keep changing over and over again to get better and be better.

Hope that prospective switch helps you. If you find value please share. We appreciate that.


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