The Resolution Hangover

The resolution hangover

We all know what happens at all the gyms all across the country on January 1st…then sometime in February. We call this the resolution hangover.

Anybody that goes to a workout facility knows that the place is just plain PACKED the first few weeks of the New Year. Same goes for people that sell “weight loss” program and challenges. January is “low hanging fruit season”. EVERYONE buys something!
We are know what happens next.

By early February you can get a treadmill at 7 pm again.

By late March most of the resolution crowd is gone and the gym is empty again.

The question is… WHY?

This is the resolution hangover. We feel great and are fired up in the beginning but when things get hard, well, things get hard and we quit.

Why? We quit because we don’t see results and the excuses that we make somehow seem valid. Things like we don’t have “time” (but you watch Netflix 4 hours per night), I don’t have “money” (but you go to Applebees every night and post to Facebook about it) or my cousin is visiting from out of town….the list goes on and on.

Most people that start in January don’t make it to April because at some point the results or lack of results are no longer matching up with the tolerance for the discomfort that the “program” is causing.

So what is the solution?

Are you ready for the secret? Do you want to know how to avoid the “resolution hangover” and get amazing long term weight loss, energy and lean muscle gain results?

The secret is that YOU are going to need to first accept 100% responsibility for the state you are in AND for getting yourself to where you want to be. This is VITAL and should not be discounted.

Second, you are going to need to be prepared to invest time, effort and money into making changes in your lifestyle.

So where do people go wrong? I’ll tell you and its right in front of your eyes. Most people fall for the “easy” or “new way” or the “secret breakthrough” or the “best price”. The reality is that the easier something is the less likely it is going to work. That’s why people don’t stick to their resolutions.

They want to get results but just aren’t prepared to put in the work.

Don’t fall for that trick.

Take responsibility. Fight for what you want but be prepared for a fight that is going to be hard every step of the way and often harder than you can imagine.

The reward though is greater than you can ever realize. Trust me.

Our team at The Fit Life specializes in empowering people to be more and to get RESULTS. We won’t do it for you but we will inspire you, stand beside you and give you the tools.

No it’s not easy. Yes it will take time and money. We don’t work with gimmicks.

If you are ready you are going to need to stroke a check, you are going to need to invest time and you are going to need to work your ass off. If you are ready here are the programs that we can help you with:

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