The Out of Place Alligator

With a little determination you too can be the out of place alligator.

I went for a walk with my dog this morning. The weather was just phenomenal. I came home from teaching class at 6 am and on the walk from my car to the house I determined that I MUST get out and enjoy the day. Late winter in Florida is the most amazing weather. It’s cool but not cold and warm but not hot.

A perfect morning for a long walk.

Our development has a small retention pond with a bike trail around it. The paved trail is about 1000m. The trail goes around the pond, the community pool and a ball field. The pond is maybe the size of two football fields; not big but not tiny. It looks to be ideal for an alligator.

But there is a problem with that last thought.

The pond has a 6 foot chain link fence around it. There is a brick wall on north side of the property. To the west are a bunch of homes and more fences. To the east is another wall. This one is 8 feet tall and made of some sort of plastic. Behind that wall are more homes. To the south is another fence with a busy road on the other side. Behind the road is another development.

You get the point and you may see where this going. There is absolutely no way for an alligator to make it’s way into this retention pond.

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Yet this morning I saw me an alligator in the pond.

Where the hell did this thing come from? 

An alligator

There are two big lakes in the areas with lots of gators. Lake Eustis is close but the gator would have had to go through several yards and hop two chain link fences to get to this pond. Really? That’s one determined gator.

So, let’s look at this for a minute. This gator is all by itself in a good sized pond with plenty of food that has a fence so it won’t be bothered by pesky humans.


Actually seems like a pretty good scenario for this gator. 

It took some doing but this creature has a pretty good life now.

Looks like this whole determination thing is pretty good, eh? It looks like if you want something bad enough and you are willing to take some risks then you may just have everything that you want.

I learned a lesson from my alligator friend today. I learned that the good life is there. Heck, it may even be pretty “close”. It may be right over there…

But you may have some obstacle that you need to figure out a way through.

This is gold my friends. This is a golden nugget of wisdom. If you want something and you want it bad enough then you are willing to do the work. Be the out of place gator. Be the out of place PERSON. Be the one that people look at and saw, “That’s a fit looking chick…” or “That dude is ripped…”

Why not you?

If that lone alligator can have the determination to find the life of its dreams then so can you.

Just add determination. You CAN do it. You can!

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