Purpose: The Neglected Step

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This could be the most important step that we take on our journey….yet it’s the one that is also the most neglected. We will quit and we will fail if we don’t define our purpose.

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We have a pretty intimate setting at our gym. The owners are also the trainers and we are both at most of the classes. Each person that comes to our gym knows us and we know them. Many of us are friends outside the gym. It’s truly a family environment.

When someone quits our gym we almost always get a “reason”. Very rarely do people just disappear like at most big box gyms. (I’d be lying if I said never. It happens from time to time but not very much) People at our gym aren’t just a number or a name. They are people that we truly care about and we have a front row seat to their victories and they struggles.

It breaks my heart to see people leave our gym no matter what the reason.

One family just left because they moved out of state. Moving happens.

Sometimes people quit for less obvious reasons and that is what I want to focus on today with this short blog post.

When people quit with “blurry” reasons or perhaps seemingly legitimate reasons it gets more convoluted. Sometimes when we peel back the layers of what people tell us it just doesn’t make sense why people quit. I don’t have time or I don’t have money are the most common “reasons”. (While the money issue is a legitimate reason I can tell you that when people say they don’t have the money for the membership we almost always offer a free membership and 100% of the time they don’t take it.)

It physically pains me when this happens. I just want to know why….but there really is no true “reason”.

Actually, the true reason for the quitting is lack of defined purpose.

Sometimes people work out for the wrong reasons.

A while back a lady worked out for a month at our gym. At the end of the month (she had paid for 2) she asked to suspend her membership because she was “too busy” to keep working out. When push came to shove and we looked at her schedule clearly she could have fit in 3-4 classes per week and a couple of “at home ” workouts. Yet she still quit and never came back.

She had never truly defined a purpose.

What if her purpose was to be a shining example for her kid? Would she have made the time then? Maybe. I don’t know.

I workout each and every day and I fuel my body right because I am passionate about completing and I want to be the best I can be. That is my drive.

What is your drive? Why do you pay the money to go to the gym? Why do you want to be fit?

Last week I did a podcast (CLICK HERE to Listen!)  where I talked about a lady whose “goal” was to look good for her graduation. How important is that going to be when money is tight to pay for your gym membership or you are a little sore or frustrated or tired or hurt? Goals fade….a purpose stays!

Do you get the point?

You need to have a POWERFUL reason to workout or else you will cower and quit the first time things get hard.

By the way, you can’t “say” you want to be healthy for your kids or set a good example or change who you are. You have to 100% mean it. You must LIVE YOUR PURPOSE.

The Fit Life Blog

The retention rate at our gym is super high. On average 85-95% of our members renew each month. When we do monthly specials we usually will get people that are kicking the tires and that just doesn’t work. We get people that think a month will get them is shape or the don’t see the valueor they mysteriously don’t have “time” after the month. These are the people that lack true purpose.

OK, the last thing I want to say is this: find your purpose.

Once you find, define and TRULY LIVE your purpose you have no choice but to be successful.

Most people want to “lose weight” or “get abs” or simple workout because they think they have to. It you don’t have a burning desire that comes from a true purpose then you are likely to quit when the going gets hard.

Find your purpose and fight for it. Once you do that nothing and I mean NOTHING will stop you!

Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

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