The Hard Part

I heard someone say something recently that, to me, was kinda like the fingernails down the chalkboard thing. You know what I mean, right?

This made me cringe.

Someone was talking about getting fit and healthy. This person was getting excited to “get started”. This person had a problem. It’s the diet. The diet is “the hard part”.

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I want to give you some value today but I also want to keep it short. Today’s message is a simple one. It’s really just a little mindset shift then WILL help you if you change your perspective just a smidgen.

OK, back to what this person said. The diet is the hard part.

First of all, you must know it isn’t….UNLESS you think it is well then it is going to be!

What is a sure fire way to make something harder then it has to be? How about to SAY how hard it is going to be! That’s a simple concept right there. Hard and easy are simple matters of perspective. If you think that a change in your eating habits is “hard” then it will be VERY hard.

QUESTION: What happens when something is “hard”?

ANSWER: Your changes of success are lower.

I hope that makes sense.

What if, now stick with me, changing your eating habits is EMPOWERING? What if you are excited to change your eating habits because you know that you are going to look and feel better?

Holy mindset shift Batman.

I promised to make this quick so I will tie it together with a list for you. Here are 4 easy to implement (Did you notice that I just said “easy to implement“? WINK. WINK) strategies to help you make healthy eating changes when you think that it will be hard.

Strategy #1: SPEAK (and type on social media) confidence and positive thoughts.

Use words like “excited” and “thrilled” and other words that suggest you are going to make a long term positive shift in the way that you eat.

Strategy #2: Don’t go overboard.

Did you read yesterdays blog? I spoke a little about this in that post. Don’t go nuts with your eating. Don’t go from McDonald’s 5 day per week to all organic. That’s stupid. Make small changes and celebrate small victories. If you make one small change per week for a year then that is 52 small changes. That’s your lifestyle shift right there.

Strategy #3: Focus on the end result.

The process of learning to eat right may be challenging but if you focus on what it will do for you then you will have a fighting change for sure. What will it be like if you are 50 pounds less? How will that feel? What will you do with the extra years with your grand kids? I say this all the time: If you why is big enough the how will become much easier.

Strategy #4: Find a accountability partner.

This could mean a lot of things. It could be a personal trainer or simply a co-worker with the same goals. Have someone that you can be accountable to. The best scenario is to have someone with “skin in the game” so to speak. In other words a professional that you pay.  Having a coach will help you to stay on track and it will help you to learn.

When you say things are hard then hard things become impossible. When you speak positive words into hard situations then the hard becomes a lot more doable. TRUST ME.

Thanks for reading. You are a champion.

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