The Gap

The Gap

Today’s post is about perspective. It’s about the gap between where you are and either where you want to be or where you perceive others to be. It’s about YOU and it super important.

The gap is just as big as you think it is but it shouldn’t matter. It really shouldn’t even be a thought that’s on your mind. The gap is real but you’re making WAY too much of it.

Let me explain.

Often times when we begin a fitness journey or at some point on the fitness journey we encounter a trainer or an athlete or just some dude at the gym that is way more fit then we are. You know the person that I am talking about, right?

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Even competitive athletes encounter this. There are always “fast” people at 5k’s and marathon and triathlons. Sometimes these people are a lot faster.

What do you think about when you see there type of people?

Sometimes they can inspire us. When I see a guy my age lifter more weight then I lift I may say, “If he can do it then I can do it….

It’s just how I am.

Are you like that?

I have discovered that a lot of people aren’t.

A lot of people will look at a super fit trainer and be intimidated, frustrated and even scared to start because the gap is too big. In other words, it is too hard to see the transition from where you are to where that person is.

We have been thinking and talking about this with our gym. The other trainers and I see this quite a bit because, frankly, we are pretty dam fit looking.

I will share specifically why I am writing about this.

We are part of a networking group. Each week we talk about our gym and share some success stories. Obviously everyone in the group knows that we own a gym. One day last week a lady who is part of the group checked in on social media at the local Planet Fitness.

So did another lady in the group.

Neither of these people have ever once come to our gym.


Part of it, I believe, is about the gap.

These ladies saw us and, not only did they not see themselves accomplishing what we have in terms of the way we look, but also they don’t even have those ambitions. They don’t want to look like us and they don’t want to try.

The gap is too big.

That’s fucking stupid.

Do they really think that they are going to have to do the workouts that I do? Do they think that they are going to have to “keep up” with me or with Gidget or Teresa?

It’s a shitty mindset.

I’m sorry. It just is.  It’s a mindset that, sadly, most people have. It’s also a way to quit before you even start. It’s lack of self confidence. It’s a lot of things from a attitude / mindset perspective that are damaging long term.

Hell, it’s damaging SHORT term as well; it created habits and that don’t empower you.

I don’t judge these people. I know that it sounds like I am but I am not. These are good people who have made a choice and that perfectly fine. In my opinion it is the wrong choice though.

I wrote today’s blog post to show you a mindset flaw that a lot of people have. Maybe you have this flaw? Maybe you think like this and you never thought anything of it. Do you understand what I am talking about? Do you see this perspective?

Our bodies are designed to move and do things that require effort. The effort, however, needs to be personal. In other words a lady who is 100 pounds overweight, 55 years old and using a cane isn’t going to do the same workout as a 42 years CrossFit competitor.

Different bodies. Different goals. Different workouts.

The gap is real but the gap doesn’t mean anything.

Stop shying away from trainers and coaches and friends that do things that you think are “too hard” or “too intense” or “too hardcore”. Each person works to, and perhaps a little past, his or her limits and thus defining new limits.

Did you read yesterdays post? (CLICK HERE to read) In that article I talk about doing the same plan over and over again even though it hasn’t ever worked long term. Maybe, I know this is a stretch, you should be looking to get coached by people that look like me or Teresa or Gidget. While you may never get to where we are, the gap may be too big, maybe you will get better and get to where YOU should be.

Or go to Planet Fitness like you did last year and the year before that and…..

It’s up to you.

Hope that helps. If you got value please share. If I pissed you off please share. We would love to piss off your friends as well. Rock on.

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