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Want better results from your workouts? This post will help you to benefit from the emotional feelings you get after a workout.

You work hard at the gym.

You go to shower or towel off and you are tired, a little sore, and you feel…..

How do you feel?

No physically. How do you feel about your workout? You haven’t thought about that have you? My guess is that you are, no offence intended, doing it wrong.

Let me explain.

The key to a successful workout program that give you results is what? Consistently, right? The only real way to fail long term is to stop doing what you are doing. This is especially true with your workouts. If you workout constantly for a long period of time then you will get results. You quit and you will not. TRUTH.

So let’s get back to the way that you feel after you workout. I will argue that you have 1 of 3 emotions after a workout at the gym or wherever it is that you workout.

Emotion #1: You are happy. You could be really happy or you could be just satisfied. It was a good workout and you got something from it. In the most basic sense you feel positive.

Emotion #2: You are unhappy. The workout hurt or was too hard or too easy or you just had a bad taste in your mouth at the end. It was generally negative feeling.

Emotion #3: Meh. Not back, not good, just MEH. No emotions.

Am I right about these emotions? I know that I am. I am an athlete and each time I workout I have an emotion about it which inspires and empowers me to do it again!

I think like an athlete and I ALWAYS feel #1 or #2. I also use those emotions to propel me forward. While you may or may not be an athlete you need adopt the mindset of an athlete when it comes to the way you feel about your workout. Let me explain to you how you should approach the way you feel about your workout.

You feel good about your workout. This is awesome and you want this! What do you need to do to KEEP feeling good? Don’t reward yourself with food or beer but keep positive and keep doing what you are doing. You want to be happy BUT you also want to know why you are happy so that you keep going!

Your workout sucked. Why did it suck? Is it big picture or small picture. Do you hate working out or do you hate “leg day”? Use this emotion to correct what made it a bad workout!

I did a fitness competition recently with my wife Teresa. I was, honestly, upset with our performance. I had negative emotions about it. So what am I going to do about it? Well, I am going to work on my toes to bar and my squat endurance because that is where we struggled.

A lot of people would get down on themselves and quit. “I suck at this…” or” I hate this…” “I’m not getting results so I quit!”

You see how this could happen? You see the mindset switch? I am going to fight to get better at toes to bar and squat endurance and live to fight another day.

Have a negative feeling about a workout can be used for good or it can be used for bad. You can learn and grow or you can accept excuses and quit.

Which do you do?

You feel “meh” about your workout? This is the danger zone my friends.

Do you think that Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana or any other athlete ever played a game or had a practice and were “meh” after? Not once I’m sure. There were good performances and bad ones. The point is that after each one they looked back and cherished the good, LEARNED from the good and appreciated and LEARNED from the bad.

These greats never felt “meh” after a workout and neither should you.

Sadly I feel this is how most of us feel after workout. There is no emotion. We don’t care. It just happened so we don’t value what we just did. Do you think any of the greats I mentioned earlier skipped a practice because they didn’t feel like it or they were too busy or….

I hope that you get the point here. Positive and negative emotions about what we do with our bodies cause us to value the process. If we don’t care then we won’t continue and we will eventually quit.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Be emotional about your workout and fight for your fitness.

Your life depends on it.




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