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The gyms are packed this time of year. While many people are cynical about the “new years resolutioners” I am very optimistic. I hope that many of these people stick and stay. I know the odds are not in peoples favor but I do hope hope that some people change their lifestyle for the good.


I am here, on the sidelines cheering for everybody. Really I am.

Today I want to talk about what many call “The Big Mo“. Momentum.

Momentum can be and, for the most part, it a good thing. We get some results, we feel good, we keep going. At least that’s how it should be.

The big mo should work for us but sadly it doesn’t always. Today I going to share 4 pitfalls of momentum. The hope is that you will identify one of more of these along YOUR journey and fight through the challenges and stay on the fit life journey.


Before I get to the 4 pitfalls of momentum, who remembers the Atari game Pitfal? I remember playing it everyday when I lived on a farm for a month during the summer of 1982. We used to try to map the game…. I digress.

Pitfall #1: You get complacent.

One of the absolute biggest, and in my opinion most overlooked, reasons for fitness failure is that people do way too much, way to soon and the flame burns so hot that it can’t sustain. When this happens we develop some momentum which can be a good thing BUT it can also make you complacent. In other words you say, “I worked out 6 times last week so I can relax a little this week…

The same things happens with your eating. “I had 3 great lunches in a row so I can check a little…

No, you can’t.

This of it like going up a hill on a bike. Just because you are going great and you have momentum doesn’t mean you can stop. If you stop pedaling what happens? Exactly!

Pitfall #2: You get jaded. 

What does this mean? You are working hard and you are developing momentum. This leads to some results but you start missing your old life. Or maybe you get upset because you want to party with your friends at the bar on Friday night or at McDonald’s for lunch. You are jaded because you start to resent the process. You are jaded because you start to dislike the process. The momentum pushes you too fast and you careen out of control and you are unhappy.

This will end in you quitting.

Momentum is good if you are fighting uphill but when happens to your freight train when that momentum starts accelerating out of control on a downhill? This is when we crash. This is not good.

Pitfall #3: You get hurt or sick or go broke. 

Momentum can keep you going. Momentum can also lead you to do too much as we already touched on a little bit. It can also lead to some physical things that can cause you to quit.

When I get hurt or sick I rest up and get back on the horse. For people that haven’t made the lifestyle switch yet this can be a daunting thing. Do you know how many times I have heard someone say they missed a week because she was sick and then I never see her again?

Momentum can cause us to spend too much money as well. We buy a gym membership, a treadmill and eat clean for a week only to realize that we just spent money that we don’t have. This is when we panic and use that excuse to quit.

Getting hut or sick or being broke are NEVER reasons to quit. This can be a pitfall to the big mo.

Pitfall #4: You begin to view the journey as “all or nothing”. 

This, my friends, is the kiss of death. As soon as you put pressure on yourself and you have to do that class or eat food or go for that run you don’t want to go for but YOU HAVE TO then you are not leading a fit life. You are on a temporary journey and you will quit.

Fitness isn’t “all or nothing”. You don’t have to be a fitness junkie to be fit. You don’t have to eat organic everything and you don’t have to count your calories for the rest of your life.

Too much momentum can lead you to this mindset. Don’t let this happen. Getting on the fitness journey should be empowering and its a trip that never ends.

Don’t let momentum take over and derail you.

How do you do this? That’s simple.

Find your purpose and fight for it. I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks back that will help. It’s called “Start Here”. Check it out.

We have several coaching options available if you want to work with us. We can help and guide you along the process to avoid the pitfalls. Click the image below to learn more!

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