“Today marks the one year anniversary of my new life. By going to No Limits Fitness every day and working out hard, listening to my coaches there, taking AdvoCare supplements, and eating clean foods, I was able to lose 63 lbs and lower my body fat from 43% to 22.5%, not to mention I can do pullups, box jumps, and some pretty heavy deadlifts. My hard work paid off and I feel awesome!!”Heather Carson

“Rick has been my fitness coach and a friend since I met him through the YMCA several years ago. I have always admired Rick’s passion for fitness and diligence in helping others reach their goals. If you are someone looking for a fitness coach I would highly encourage you to meet with Rick and discuss your goals and objectives.” Tony Qualls

“I love this gym and the people that run it. I look forward to going and finding out what the workout will be. It is always fun and different and I enjoy the challenge. No Limits Fitness is for everybody. I feel at home there.”Joanne Thompson

“This is truly the most amazing place to make change, real change!!! An inspiring atmosphere surrounded by knowledgeable coaches and supportive champions. Rick has helped me obtain my personal goals for 7 years, always pushing me to try something new. Teresa has added great value in nutrition and diet challenges. The whole team is amazing and I highly encourage you to give it a try. If you are not seeing the change you want at your gym, try this one, this is where REAL change happens.”Kristi Van Dyke

“No Limits Fitness’ is, by far, the very best gym around for many reasons: IMMEDIATE RESULTS, GUARANTEED, (definition, strength, endurance, weight loss) FUN/POSITIVE ATMOSPHERE, (friendly, supportive, up-lifting, welcoming) AMAZING WORKOUTS, (never boring or repetitive, challenging but achievable, always created toward your own potential) BEAUTIFUL GYM, (new machines, everything provided to meet your fitness goals, many class days/times to choose from) and THE BEST COACHES AROUND as they are always there to help support and motivate you!!!! I have never found a gym with all of these qualities combined which is why I am a proud member of, ‘No Limits Fitness!'”Karyn Ogden

“Incredible!!!! We have been going to this class for a little while now and the results are amazing…. the people there don’t judge you or stare at you, they welcome you!! It’s like a family… I really don’t like the gym scene so my friend told me about this place and it’s one of the best things I look forward to every week!!!! Thank you Rick and Teresa!!!!!”Al Salois