Why we are overweight

why we are overweight

This post is going to shed light on why we are overweight. The answers may not be what you think. Hold on tight. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are overweight. The latest stats say that it’s 68.6%. That means that almost 7 out of 10 people are overweight. I have some ideas why we are overweight.… More →

Mainstream weight loss advice: Fact or fiction?

mainstream weightloss advice

Today I look at mainstream weight loss advice. Is what the media is saying valid? Let’s see. This is going to be fun. Weight loss advice from the big guys. I typed in “how to lose weight” in the search bar of my web browser. The first thing that Google gave me was an article from Reader’s Digest. It’s 40… More →

5 easy steps to break through a plateau

break through the plateau

A plateau during your fitness journey is inevitable. Be ready for it by by following these 5 steps. If we improved at everything, all the time, what fun would that be? What if it were sunny ALL THE TIME? We would get bored with it. We need the harder times ot appreciate the better times. It’s this way with everything. If… More →


Empower Rick Copley The Fit Life Blog

The greatest gift you can give someone is not to give him or her anything. When you give people things you take away their power. That is the opposite of what you should do. The greatest gift you can ever give someone is to EMPOWER him or her. To empower is to give power. This is huge. So often you… More →

A Healthy Life is a GREAT Life

A healthy life is a great life

A couple of weeks ago I heard someone say something that, ahem, rattled me a little. I don’t get rattled easy so this is really saying something. As a matter of fact it pissed me off a little bit. Please follow and like us:0

I Don’t Have Time

Rick Copley online fitness coach

“I don’t have time” by Gidget Blunt ~ Guest Blogger  Life is busy. It seems to me to be getting busier all the time. Whether you work full time, overtime, are a stay at home mom, or even retired we all seem to be running around always wishing there were more hours in the day. Many people say they are… More →