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Podcast episode: Start Here.

This episode will give you a rough out time of how to change your life. I outline the simple steps that all of us can take to look and feel better now and forever.

Podcast episode: How to Eat

The 14 principles to eating for health and longevity. This is a soup to nuts educational course on how to eat the RIGHT way.

Podcast Episode: The Courage to Follow my Dreams, Part 1

Following your dreams is never easy. It took a lot of courage on my part. In this 3 part series I share my story.

Podcast Episode: The Courage to Follow my Dreams, Part 2

Podcast Episode: The Courage to Follow my Dreams, Part 3

Podcast Episode: How to Lose Weight

This episode dives deep into the secrets of weight loss. Not just short term weight loss. It’s not about a fad or a quick fix. This episode will TEACH you how to lose weight long term for health and vitality.

Podcast Episode: How to Build the Body of Your Dreams

This is another content PACKED episode that will TEACH you the process of creating not just a better body but a body that you can be proud of!

Podcast Episode: 12 Strategies to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Podcast Episode: The Slight Edge

A simple concept, when completely grasped, will change your life forever.

Podcast Episode: How to Raise Healthy Kids

This is a VERY important episode if you are worried about your kids and their health. My attitude is pretty surprising to a lot of people but I am justified in my view. Listen to this if you have kids.

Podcast Episode: The Transition from Struggle to Significance

This episode is vital if you are struggling. When you listen you will learn why and how you need to make the transition!

Podcast Episode: Have Gratitude Today but Work With Intention for a Better Future

Powerful. That’s what this episode is. With this recording I share what I do and why I do it. It is probably my most passionate podcast episode. It’s also one of the most downloaded!

Podcast Episode: Your Trip Around the Sun

Another tour de force. Look at you life. What do you value? Where are you going? Who is in charge? These questions are answered in this episode!