Should you listen to your body?

We have all heard that you should listen to your body. Should you? In this article I am going to give you my perspective on this question and explain why the answer is….

I am going to answer the question right now with a resounding NO. Your body and you don’t speak the same language so stop trying to figure out what it is telling you. In most cases you don’t need to listen to your body.

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Yesterday I worked out pretty hard a couple of times and felt a bit sore last night. My knee was a little wonky, my back was stiff and my shoulder was a bit tender. A part of me said REST was on the docket for today. I woke up this morning feeling fine.

What was my body trying to tell me last night?

NOTHING. The body isn’t going to tell me anything. The body is a big freaking mystery that nobody really understands. The feeling that I had were simply just feelings and sensations; nothing more, nothing less.

Many years ago I did a 24 hour mountain bike race. (Actually I did this insanity 3 separate times) At hour six I was done. My body was cooked. It was telling me to stop. I had nothing more to give. I kept going and at hour eight I felt fantastic. What if I had listening to my body and quit at hour six? I wouldn’t have finished the race and I never would have known.

Sometimes I finish my first workout of the day and I am exhausted, and in pain. I usually perform better in the second workout.

One time when I was in high school my cross country coach asked us to run harder on an interval. We did and we were all writhing on the ground in pain at the end. He told us that we couldn’t have given our all and that we were pretty much faking it. We all got up and ran the next interval faster.

I could go on all day about times when I didn’t “listen” to my body. There are many more examples but I will stop now and switch gears.

Why do I bring up this topic? How does it help you?

I bring this topic up because it is important. Many times people quit working out because their body says to “rest” or their body says its “too hard”. It’s a bunch of crap. Your body is telling you that you need to get out the door and exercise. If you body hurts then you need to intemperate the pain to mean something different.

Your body is telling you that you have a weakness that you need to be concerned with. It’s not telling you that exercise is bad. It’s punishing you for not doing it enough. (OK, not really but that is a better way to interpret the pain.)

When should you “listen to your body”?

I would say pretty much only when you are sick or hurt. If you have sharp or shooting pain that you have never had before then it’s a good idea to get that looked at. If you are truly sick or run down then take care of yourself.

Don’t take what I am saying the wrong way. Don’t work though pain and don’t be a hero when you are sick.

Most times when people “listen to their body” they aren’t sick or hurt. They are simply looking for an excuse and a reason to quit. It’s sad but true.

Stop listening to your body and start fighting to become more fit and healthy. The choice is yours. Make up your mind and…GO!

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