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A little different message today. What is one trait that all successful people have? I would argue that part of it is self confidence. Makes sense, right? People that are successful have self confidence.

Not much room for argument there.

What I would argue is that there is more to it then simple “self confidence”.

I believe that successful people have the ability to have self confidence in the face of adversity. Successful people have the ability to look defeat in the eyes and fight on no matter what.

My cross country coach used to tell us keep passing people at the end of race until “we get out of the finish shoot”. Now I don’t condone that but the point is to keep fighting until the there is literally no fight left. Keep pushing until everybody else quits and you are the last one standing.

Watch this quick video to here a story from my racing days then I had self confidence even when there was no reason to have self confidence. It was a race that I could not win.

How do you find self confidence when there is no reason?

I think that you look for small victories or small efforts to build towards bigger victories.

Let’s look at weight loss.

One day you wake up, look in the mirror and see a big fat stranger staring back at you. For whatever reason you DECIDE you are going to lose weight.

You can do it, YOU WILL DO IT. You are fired up. You are confident!

You lay out a plan. You get to work. You are excited. A week into your mission you look at the scale and you are up 3 lbs and your knee is sore.

It’s day 8 and you look in the mirror to see that say person, now with hurt knee.

Do you still have the same self confidence?

You see it’s not being confident. It’s having self confidence when the chips are down.

Have you ever noticed that the champions fight till the bitter end? That’s how you become successful. You keep fighting no matter what.

The message today is this: have confidence in yourself. Be proud of who you are, what you have done and where you are going. If you get knocked down get back up. Do this over and over and over again to win in the end.

Be confident no matter what.

Want to know the real key to success? The more you fail the more confident you should be.

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