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I have something to share with you today that I saw at the Wadapalooza Fitness Festival this weekend. As a coach and athlete it’s things like this I I notice and that I am inspired by.

Champions come in all shapes and sizes.

Champions do what it takes to be better.

Champions don’t accept excuses.

Champions have scars.

On Day 1 I was volunteering on the “Flagler Stage“. My job was to change weights around and move things from here to there. It was hard and quick work followed by down time to watch the athletes perform.

During the team event I was sitting on the sidelines watching. Two of the ladies on the team were standing right in front of me while the other was doing one legged squats, GHD sit-ups or overhead squats. One of the two ladies was resting while the other held a heavy ball. It was a tough event for sure.

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When all the work was completed each athlete had to a hand stand walk of 100 feet; 50 feet out and 50 feet back.

So I’m watching one of the elite female heats and I notice one lady in particular. She was in full beast mode. She would go do work, take a short break then run out to do more work. She was clearly the star of the team.

This lady looked to me to be not young (as in early 20’s) but also not old (as in late 30’s). She could have been 25 or she could have been 35. I really don’t know but I can the you that she was chiseled and ridiculously fit looking.

Girl was beast, no getting around it.

When it came to the handstand walk she went first for her team. That is when I noticed something that truly inspired me.

She was walking on her hands so her shirt slipped and she exposed her stomach. Right there, for the world to see were stretch marks. The marks were the tell tale sign that this lady was a mom of at least one child.

Did this surprise me? Not really. Is it rare for a lady to return to CrossFit competitions after having a child? Of course not.

Truth is that it is hard and this lady was getting it done in a big way.

This inspired me for the day.

My message for you today is a common one that I write about. It’s simple but it’s universal. You always have a choice to accept the excuses that you have available or you can face the challenge head on and fight to the end.

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, frustrates me more then seeing people not hit goals or even get basic results because they take the first available excuse that is offered up.

We all have these excuses and it is up to each and every one of use to look the excuses in the eye and say, “No thank you”.


I hope my words helped to inspire YOU today the way that this lady inspired me. I don’t know her story. I don’t even know her name. All I know is that this lady is a top level athlete who got there because she didn’t let obstacles stand in her way. That is truly inspiring.

Hope that helps. Rock on.

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