Routine is the enemy of progress

If you workout on a regular basis then you are winning. Doing something is better then nothing in each and every case. On that same note going from doing zero to doing anything will likely get you results. This is a positive as well.

In this is you then I salute you. You are already miles ahead of most of the world. But…

To be honest though (and I am about probably piss off a lot of out of shape people. Oh well) this is kind of like adults working for minimum wage. Yeah, you can probably LIVE and MAYBE get by at $8 per hour but how is that really living?

Same goes for working out. Doing a routine and doing things that don’t earn you PROGRESS will keep you alive but what kind of life? Don’t you want to be fit? Don’t you want to feel AMAZING and hit goals? Do you want a week long vacation to Europe or do you take a long weekend to the in-laws for your “vacation”.

Let me explain what I mean by “routine”. You go to the gym and do 20 minutes on the dreadmill and 3 sets of the circuit (8-12 reps!). You do this 3 days per week on alternating days because that’s what the “wellness staff” told you to do. I can’t believe I taught people to do this for years. I am dearly sorry if I ever shared this bullshit with you.

You do your Pilates class 3 days per week and walk the dog every morning. That’s a routine. Like I said before, if you go from zero to this you will likely get results. If this is what you do long term then you will cease to progress rather quickly.

Progress is getting better all the time.

It’s like earning a living. Do you want a beater car or do you want to drive a nicer newer car every few years? The choice is yours. You need a better job then minimum wage. You need to make progress just like with your fitness.

“Routine in the enemy of progress”. What does that really mean?

It means that if you want be better and if you want to stop settling for just “alright” or “normal” then you need to ditch the routine and do something different. You need to shock your body.

If you are a runner and you normally do 4-5 runs per week that are 3-4 miles at 10 minute pace then do it differently. Do 2 runs that are 6 miles and 2 that are 2 miles but really fast. Do intervals. Run a different route! Run at a different time of day! You will get results and you won’t be a bored!

If you workout at a globo gym try a different class or do a different routine. Do free weights. Do body weight training. Do high reps with low weight AND low reps with high weight. Whatever you do you need to change things up ALL THE TIME to get long term results.

There can be a place for almost all forms of working out. You just need to not do just one or the same ones over and over and over again.

I remember when I working in health clubs back in the day (I hated it, for the record) and same people would keep track of their workouts on fitness cards. Some people had a dozen or more cards stapled together. They had been doing the same workouts for years. Rarely were these people in any kind of shape. The most in-shape people were the ones that ran around like crazy with headphones on and did different and weird stuff all the time.

So, did this trike a cord with you? Are you in a “rountine” and not getting the results that you want?

My suggestion to you is that you get out of that routine and do something different.

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