No Limits Fitness

Do your fitness goals include losing weight, performing better, getting stronger, gaining energy, looking better or just being a better human? If so then No Limits Fitness is the place for you.

We are a functional fitness gym located in Tavares, Florida. All ages and all abilities are welcome.


If you want to learn more about our gym please read the FAQs below. For individual questions please fill out this form:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q –> What is the class schedule?


Q —> Is this a CrossFit gym?

A —> No it is not. CrossFit is a brand name. They have many awesome gyms all over the world and in our community even. We love our friends at CrossFit and their programs are amazing. It’s just not what we do.

Q —> What does a typical workout look like?
A—> There is no typical workout. The only common theme is that it is going be challenging. You will be tired. You will have to work hard. This is how you get results.

Q —> I’m new and intimidated. Is this the right program for me?
A —> This is the EXACT right program for you. The workouts are modified to YOUR abilities each and every day. You will never be asked to do something that will hurt you, injure you, or make you feel inadequate in any way. It’s not a boxing gym. Each person does his or her own workout…. and doesn’t get punched. That would be intimidating.

Q —> Will I be judged if I can’t keep up?
A —> First of all, there is never an instance where you will need to “keep up”. Second, the only place you get judged is at Planet Fitness. (No “lunks” allowed. I am a lunk so I get judged there. Why would you want to go where people get judged?) As a matter of fact the new and most out of shape people get the most high fives and positive glances, looks and words. THIS IS FACT.

Q —> What do you charge for kids?
A –> We don’t. Kids are always free with a paying adult.

Q —> Do my kids get to workout with me?
A —> Yes. If they want to. Or they can sit quietly on the side and watch. Just as long as you keep them safe (and off the rings, that’s my pet peeve) they are welcome!

Q —> Can I try a class for free?
A —> Of course.

Q —> Is there a contract?
A —> Nope. If you don’t want to be here we don’t want your money.

Q —> Do you offer personal training?
A —> Yes. PM Rick or Gidget for details and availability.

Q —> If I do personal training do I have to pay a membership as well?
A —> No. That’s stupid. Do other gyms do that?

Q —> I can’t do all that crazy hard stuff that you do in those videos. I can’t climb the rope or stand on my head or make that stupid jump rope go around like 5 times on one jump (or one time for that matter).
A—> Is there a question there?
Q —> Will I die?
A —> No. As a matter of fact coming to No Limits Fitness will likely make you live longer and live a better life.

Q —> Last question.
A —> That’s not a question.
Q —> Let me ask the question.
A —> What’s with all the questions?
Q —> Can I ask the question?
A —> I thought you said “Last question….”

Q —> Do I have to buy the AdvoCare supplements? (
A —> No…. but why would you not? It’s what we take and it’s what we distribute and believe in. It is, however, a choice. No you don’t have buy the AdvoCare supplements.

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