Much too old to feel this damn young

Have you ever heard people lament about their age? Or maybe you do this?

I’m getting too old for this…

I’m really feeling my age…

It seems as though it would be natural to feel older as you get older.

Not for me.

I can tell you without hesitation that I feel better now then I have ever in my life. I feel I look better and I perform better in many, many things. Truly I can say that I the opposite of the Garth Brooks song, I am much too old to feel this damn young.

I am 43 years old and there are things that I can’t do like I used to. I can’t run like I used to. I was a full time runner for 20+ years. If I wanted to I still could run well but I have other focusses now. I don’t have the speed that I used to have but, again, I just don’t do that so it doesn’t bother me.

But there is so much more that I have now.

I know so much more in my 40’s then in my 20’s. There is no limit to knowledge and experience. It’s not like your brain runs out of space. You just keep learning more and more and more. Think about the 20+ years of experience that I now have.

I a stronger now then I have ever been. I have more muscles and I can do so much more.

I do truly feel amazing each and ever day.

I am in the best shape of my life. 

So, today I want to give you some value in two ways. I want to share my 4 secrets to feeling so great in my 40’s. I also want to share with you a PLAN for YOU to feel young despite your chronological age. Ready? Let’s do this.

Secret #1: I have always exercised every day.

I know this isn’t much of a secret but it’s probably the biggest thing that has kept me looking and feeling great all these years. I know that, for me, it’s always been something that I just like to do. I enjoy the feeling from working out and I always have, even a young boy. This is definitely the biggest key for me.

How YOU can use this to help YOU live longer and feel better.

The future is perfect. Get out the door and do some sort of exercise each and every day of the REST of your life. If you are feeling your age at 30 or 40 there is no reason what so ever that you can’t be feeling better at 40 or 50. There is no way to change the past but you can totally manipulate the future. Start now. Start TODAY.

Secret #2: I eat breakfast each day and ALWAYS have. 

I honestly don’t know where I learned this one. Even as a very young boy I have ALWAYS eaten a hearty breakfast. I think my mom instilled this value in me and I thank her for that. I remember being in elementary school and my mom used to drive me to school every day. She worked late and she wouldn’t see me very much so she got me up early every day and made me breakfast. TO THIS DAY the most important thing that I do daily is that I eat a solid breakfast.

How YOU can use this to help YOU live longer and feel better. 

If you don’t eat a good breakfast everyday then you simply need to start. Eating something is always better then eating nothing. Make this a priority. Even a small piece of fruit is better then not eating. Start today!

Secret #3: I have always been active. 

This goes beyond just exercise. I have always enjoyed hiking and bike riding and throwing a football or frisbee at the beach. I still like to explore and I like to be outside. Of course I enjoy watching some TV and reading but I have always wanted to be moving my body. This is vital. Our bodies are meant to move.

How YOU can use this to help YOU live longer and feel better. 

Find an active hobby. What do you like to do? Do you like to walk? Start walking everyday and doing longer walks on the weekends. Do you like to climb? Go to a rock climbing gym. It doesn’t matter what you do. Just find a hobby that keeps you active or outside.

Secret #4: I have always yearned to learn more, be more and have been positive about the future. 

My life hasn’t always been rosy. I have had my challenges just like you have. One thing that I have always done though is that I have always been positive about the future and I have always tried to learn. Even today I listen to a lot of business podcasts but I also listen to podcasts that teach me things that I didn’t know.

Having an open mind and realizing that there is no limit to learning has really helped me to mentally feel young even though I am pretty deep into my 40’s.

How YOU can use this to help YOU live longer and feel better. 

Start learning new things. Start setting bigger and better goals for yourself. There is no limit whatsoever to how much you can get out of this life. Do more and be more. There is an old song with the line, “if you can’t be with the one you love then love the one you are with“. To me that lyric isn’t about loving a person at all. It’s about making the best out of what you have in your world.

What can you do today to help you to become more from the inside out? 

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Living a long life is pretty cool. Living a long life and FEELING GOOD is even better. I have figured that out and I encourage you to do the same.

Rock on my friends. We’ll catch you on the flip side champions!

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