Motivational Monday

Quick one today with a message that will resonate.

We all want to be more fit. Am I right? But whats holding us back? Here is your hint…..

What if I were to sit down with you and you had some truth serum in your veins (Work with me on this one!) and I asked you the basic question:

“Do you want to be more fit?”

Is your answer yes?

Of course it is.

What happens next is the place that most people get lost. The next thought for most people is….

“I can’t be because….(__ Insert some sort of “reason” (an excuse) why you can’t be__)”

What should your next thought be?

“This is the list of reasons WHY I want to be more more fit….(__ Insert things like family and life’s ambitions and happiness__)”

Do you see what happens? You put the how in front of the why. WRONG ANSWER. If your why is big enough the how will become VERY apparent.

THAT is your motivation.

I titled this blog “Motivational Monday“. Search  “#motivationalmonday” and you will see a bunch or “motivation”. I found these.

You get the point.  It’s fake. It’s all fake. 

Do you want to know what your motivation should be? Instead or sharing silly memes you need to look in the mirror and determine if what you see is acceptable. Instead of posting that picture you need to walk down the hall and look at your kids as they get ready for school. That is “Motivational Monday”.

Your takeaway from today is simple but POWERFUL. When it comes to your health and your fitness START with your why. Start with YOUR motivation.

You motivation is not the oiled up 22 year old rail thin girl with fake boobs. It’s the girl starting back at you in the mirror who has those little kids that NEED you.

Your motivation isn’t that meme that “motivates” you. Your motivation is that gut that you see and that your kids see every day.

Get our of the world of fake motivation and get into YOUR work of things that really matter. Fight hard. Get it done. Start NOW.

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Rock on my friends, rock on.

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