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Today we have a very special blog post from our friend and business partner Gidget Blunt. This lady is a complete champion and has transformed herself both physically and mentally. You can read more about her transformation in this blog post: My 5 year journey.



by Gidget Blunt

The new year is coming. Many of you are making resolutions. I am going to give you the resolution to move to the top of your list. It took me a long time to figure this one out. I am going to get down and dirty and very personal. This is very difficult for me, but after talking about confidence last week, this is a good follow up.

Love your body.

That’s it. That is your number one resolution. I don’t care what you look like, how much you weigh, or what you think your flaws are. I want you to love your body. Allow me to explain.

I used to be scared to death of the camera and avoided it at all costs. I have finally learned to love my body, not because I reached a certain weight goal. It’s not because I have great abs. I don’t. I probably never will. I have scars, stretch marks, and saggy skin. My lower jaw is held together by titanium and my teeth are crooked thanks to an accident almost 16 years ago. My parents were devastated by that after all the money they spent for braces.

I am tall. I have always been tall, and always will be. There’s nothing I can do about that. Most people have no idea what a big deal that is. I am about 6 inches taller than the average female. In fact, when you go into the women’s department to buy pants and look at the “tall” ones, those are designed for ladies who are 5’8”. I am four inches taller than that. I dare you to come shopping with me sometime. It is a miserable experience.

I was down to a size 8. Then, I started weightlifting. Now, I had to go back up to a size 12 because my quads can’t fit into the 8’s. Jeans are not made to fit me. To fit in the legs, they are too big in the waist and never long enough. That’s ok.

I love my body. I don’t love it because of how it looks or doesn’t look. I love it because of its uniqueness. I love it because of what it is capable of doing. Our bodies are amazing creations. My tubes in my throat are too small and I spent months at a time in the hospital as a child because of that. I was told I couldn’t run. Look at me now. Every single day people underestimate what their bodies can do. Many times it’s because of what other people tell us.

My body has carried two miniature humans inside of it. I delivered two 9 pound plus babies with no drugs or assistance. My body did that and survived. You bet I have scars and stretch marks from that. Why shouldn’t I love those? I have a scar on my leg from climbing the rope and love that. Why? It means I climbed the rope. That’s a huge accomplishment. Giving birth is a far greater accomplishment than climbing a rope. Why shouldn’t I love those scars even more? It is forever a reminder of my two wonderful children.

What is love? What does it mean to love your body? Yes, it partly means embracing how you look no matter what you look like. For more than 18 years, my husband has told me that I’m beautiful. It didn’t matter that I was pregnant, not pregnant, skinny, or overweight. That is love. Love is also active. I love my children, so I do everything in my power to make sure they are healthy and safe. Many times I sacrifice things I want or need to care for them. We need to give ourselves that same love.

To truly love your body, you need to care for it. In order for your car to run, it needs fuel. If you put the wrong fuel in your car, it won’t run well (or at all). The same is true for your body. It needs the right fuel to perform at its best. It’s also true that if you let your car just sit around for a year, it’s probably not going to start when you turn the key. The same is true for your body. The more stationary it is, the less it wants to move. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. It’s simple physics.

I work out a lot because I love my body and I want it to continue to work for many years. I give it the right fuel because I want it to perform at its best. I’ve also learned to be confident with all my uniqueness and love my body no matter how it looks.

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Thank you for reading. Till we meet again!
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