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Your legacy is going to live on through your kids. Are you empowering your kids to be healthy?

What I am going to train you on today is VERY important and is USUALLY done wrong. This training comes from my MANY years experience with this very subject both professionally and personally. It’s all about keeping your kids healthy. 

What do you do if you have overweight or out out of shape kids?

Could there be a more important topic?

Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Take care of yourself first.
Step 2: Provide an environment where they can decide to join you.
Step 3: Allow someone else to be the trainer or coach while you fill the roll of transporter.
Step 4: Talk about your struggles in an honest and real way.
Step 5: Encourage but don’t put pressure.
Step 6: Be prepared for your child to quit.
Step 7: Start back at Step 1.

What stands out at you about these steps? I bet you are looking at this saying to yourself, “My kid is going to quit…..

You may just be correct.

That may not seem helpful but it is.

Let me share a few personal experiences and some incite as a child, a parent and as a trainer.

For a period of time when I was was real young (around 10 or 11) my mom and step father made me go to church. To make a long story short… I HATED it.

I mean hated it to the point of pure and focused anger and demonic thoughts and daydreams. No lie. I visualized myself burning the place down. At that time, at that age, maybe I needed church, maybe it was the best place for me BUT forcing me to go turned me off to religion for a long, long time.

Exercise can be the same thing for your kids. If you make your overweight and unhealthy child workout because YOU think it is good for them it could flick a switch that may NEVER come back on. It was close to 30 years for me to get back into a church and appreciate religion. It could be the same for your child.

You need to provide an environment where it is SAFE for he or she to choose.

The Fit Life Blog

I was married to my first wife for about 10 years. For that time I had a step son who was 9 when we got married. For many years we did just as I described in the above steps. We provided opportunities and we modeled good health and fitness.

We signed him up and took him to every sport we could.  What happened? He quit each and every one and ended up doing drugs and to this day is inactive and a smoker. He chose to be that way and there literally was nothing we could do about it.

Don’t get mad at me. You have to remember that a person is a person. A 10 year only kid will become a 25 year old adult and you can’t force either.

What I am saying is this: sometimes it’s a roll of the dice and sometimes they just aren’t going to do it.  

My son Colby is a little different. We always encouraged him to do sports and to workout. We provided the opportunities and encouragement. While he doesn’t generally workout at the gym with us he did find a home with Tae Kwon Do and he is very healthy and fit.

We have a lady in our program who has lost over 65 lbs. She is also a single mom to a 14 year old girl who is very self conscious.  For the first few months the daughter didn’t come to the gym at all.

One day she decided to go. While at the gym I told the mom to leave her alone and let her succeed or fail. Let it be about her. Now she loves it and can’t be without her daily gym workout.

So let’s go back to the initial question. What DO you do?

If you take care of yourself and show your kids how important THAT is then they MIGHT follow.

If they do follow let them succeed of fail and be OK with either one.

Remember that you are NOT the coach. Be a parent but let the trainer be their trainer or let the coach be the coach. This is vital. Be ready to console or encourage after but let the leader do his or her job!

If they don’t succeed then it is not their time (Step 7!). There will be other times. Don’t let the success or failure of your child affect your journey. THAT will just put more pressure on the children. TRUST ME.

This topic is an emotional one for me because I can relate 100%. Teresa and I have 3 boys and we provide for them the option to choose to live a healthy lifestyle but will accept it as their decision if they choose to not.

What can be more powerful for us as parent then to empower our children to live a good life?

I don’t think there is anything.

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