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Keep it simple Rick Copley The Fit Life Blog

To improve your health the best strategy is to keep it simple. Really simple.

A while back a wrote a simple blog post about how to be healthier. I’ve written many over the years. I shared this one on Facebook and one of my old training clients from when I lived up north made what I consider to be kind of a negative comment.

The gist of the comment was that I needed to “challenge” people more with cutting edge stuff. You know, the latest research and the newest methods.

I am here to tell you my friends, this isn’t rocket science. It’s pretty simple.

Why do we think it is complex?

It’s just the way that our society has become. We want a quick fix. We want an easier way. We want a new widget that is going to do the job in half the time at the half the cost.

Sorry folks. Your latest greatest method to weight loss and health lives in your own home. It’s that person that you see in the mirror.

Nothing has changed in health and fitness in the last 25 years. You still need to work hard, eat right and change your mindset. The same supplements are out there today as were around in 2000. It’s the same stuff just with bolder claims and higher paid endorsers.

The people out there that are selling things will tell you that they have the latest answer. The more of this you see the more you believe that, while this latest program may not be for you, the next one will be. It all just muddies the water.

All the latest fad and crazes just don’t work long term. What does work?

Move. Fuel. Be positive. Accept responsibility. Take action. Stay the course.

That last sentence (actually a grouping of words with a bunch of periods) is the keep to be healthy. Its not some new pill or potion of diet or workout routine. Sorry, Sally. The only challenge I can give you is to ignore all the crap that you hear and get back to basics.

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