It’s not the world. It’s you.

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There is a lot of rotten stuff in the world. There are a lot of rotten people in the world.  If you look hard enough, you will find evil each and every time. In the end it’s all about perception.

We all know the people that share stories of evil on Facebook and Twitter.

Usually the caption is “So sad” or “This is horrible.” Sure that is the truth.

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The sharing of these stories bothers me.

But there is something that bothers me even more and it’s the attitude of the sharing party. Sometimes the tag line that goes with the share is something like, “What is wrong with this world?” or “What is the world coming to?

You get the point, right?

I am here to tell you that it is not “the world” or your community or people in general. It’s not them…it’s YOU.

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More specifically it’s YOUR PERCEPTION.

Bad has been around since the beginning of time. Evil has been around as long as beings (animal and human) have been around.

Is there more evil today then ever before? NO. There is just a lot more Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets for Debbie Downers of the world to spread the “news” like CRAZY. Plus there are more people in general so it will appear like there is more bad in the world.

But is there?

I would argue that there isn’t BUT there is a certain segment of our society that wants everyone to thing the world is coming to an end.

It’s self serving and selfish.  The excuse makers and the unsuccessful of the world are trying to bring the world down to there level.

Don’t let them.

All through time there have been people with different levels of ambition and thus different classes of people. The rotten and evil ones have always been there and always will be.

Here is another way to look at it and I will wrap it up here and hopefully your get my point.

Think of the world as having 3 types of people. You have the majority.  Let’s say 80% (I totally am making these numbers up so please give me some grace). These people are the hard workers and the positive ones. Out of these group comes most of the successful and happy people in the world. These are the movers and shakers and the people that lives lives of general contentment.

Then you have the evil doers, the slackers, the criminals, the lazy ones….the rotten to the core group. This is like less then ½ of one percent. These people loot, steal, rape, kill, and do all the things that are wrong in every sense of the word.

Then you have the rest of the people. These are GOOD PEOPLE. These are people that are normal like you and me. The only problem these people have is PERCEPTION. These people think (or want YOU to think) that the tiny percentage of evil doers are the majority and a reflection of our society.

Maybe this group of people was taught to be this way be a teacher or a parent or a sibling. Again, these are mostly good, well-intention people whose perception is off.

I had a coach in college that had a very similar thought process when it came to our team of distance runners. You had the dedicated ones that ALWAYS worked hard and did the things that needed to be done. You also had the slackers that tried to get out of the hard days and took shortcuts. Everyone else was in the middle and had a choose of which group to follow.

My coach was dead on and it applies to our society as a whole as well.

Takeaway. I hope you realize that there is exponentially more good in the world then there is evil PLEASE realize that. Please also realize that it is up to YOU and it is up to ME to spread around the GOOD and NOT the evil.

The world is an amazing place. There is beauty and there is good all around you. Look for it. Ignore the evil and let’s flood the world with the positive vibes of success, happiness and joy.

If you see a problem with the world you are wrong. It’s not the world. It’s your PERCEPTION on the world. 

Thanks for reading. If you got value PLEASE like, comment and share. Maybe someone out there will read this blog and change for the better. Maybe.

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