Why People Quit

Why people quit

People quit the gym ALL THE TIME. Today I look at why people quit the gym from the ACTUAL words of the quitters.

I have been blessed in recent weeks because normally when people quit they simply stop coming and stop returning calls and texts. Normally when people quit they simply fade off into the sunset and offer up a lame, “I’ve been busy” type of excuse. It’s usually hard to tell why people quit.

The blessing that we have had is that I have 3 people that, in the last few months have quit our fitness program and have offered reasons WHY.

This is gold my friends.

You are about to see just WHY people quit and WHAT I think about those excuses.

If you are on your fitness journey this will give you some pitfalls to watch out for. If you are going to start your fitness journey at some point then the same goes for you. Be ready for these thoughts to crop up in your mind.

What follows are the actual messages that I received and my commentary on each.

PLEASE NOTE: If YOU are the one that sent me one of these messages this post is not meant to disparage you in any way. This is meant to help other people and maybe help YOU. Your journey and your decisions are YOURS and, for right or wrong, good or bad, you own them. Accept what it is and fight on the best you can. 

“:( Good morning.. I recently took a cut in pay and I hate to say I can’t swing coming anymore..”

I have gotten this one from time to time over the years. To me its a priority thing. When money becomes an issue you always have to cut out what you consider to be extra spending.

Why cut out the one thing from your budget that helps EVERYTHING else? This I don’t get. The other question I would have is this: Why not ask for a free month or a referral bonus? If it is important enough then you will find a way.

Believe me, it should be important enough.

As an addendum to this story this person was told the following: Come anyway. Pay when you can. I have yet to see this person since then.

Was it really a money or issue was this person just not truly committed to working out or maybe this person didn’t like me or the gym. I just don’t know.

Our gym has a scholarship program so we let people set a price if money is an issue. So why play the “cut in pay card”? I just don’t.

“i honestly feel this current workout is too much too soon.” 

This is common as well. The workout was just too darn hard. I was sore. My knees hurt. My back hurts. I couldn’t sit down for days. You get the picture, Right?

Now I am not saying that people need to “push through the pain” nor do I believe in, “no pain, no gain” but there WILL be some discomfort during your journey.

Hell, there will be A LOT of discomfort.

Please get what I am saying here because it can be taken the wrong way. I am NOT saying that you push through injuries and suck it up; so to speak. I am saying that it will hurt. If you are 100 lbs overweight there is no exercise that you can do that is not going to bother your back or your shoulders or your knees or something….

Doing machines instead or free weights is wrong. Doing the elliptical instead of walking is wrong.

Modification is smart for sure but this can only help to a point. Again, it’s going to be hard but worth it.

To me this excuse seems pretty valid. Why do a workout routine that hurts? Fair question but the reality is that if you do something that doesn’t hurt you aren’t going to be results. PERIOD.

“I’m just not mentally there… I try to be and then I get stressed out”. 

This is 100% valid and it is probably the biggest thing that holds people back. It’s about mindset and it’s about identity.Smokers identify themselves as smokers. It’s part of the reason that quitting smoking is so hard. It’s hard to change your identity.

Being overweight is the same thing. Sometimes people that are overweight have the perception (the completely FALSE perception) that people like them overweight. Sometimes people that are overweight think that if they become thin they will lose friends or people will look at them negatively.

These are real fears and these are real perceptions.

This is your mindset and this is your reality.

THUS, you get “stressed out” when you spend time at the gym. There is always work to be done… or kids to spend time with… or people to talk to.

The reality? If you are unhealthy you should be thinking about exercise while you are with your kids or at work so that you can fill those roles for many years to come.

The struggles are real folks. They are real.

When you decide to be more and you decide to change you life you MUST know that it is going to be HARD and that you are going to need to invest a lot to get the job done.

You MUST fight and you must fight hard. 

Did you get value from this post? Please share if you did so that others can be blessed as well. Rock on my friends.

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