How we teach people to eat. A 13 step plan!

Have you ever looked in the “diet and nutrition” section of the bookstore? I know. A million books there. Google “diet” or “how to eat” and you are going to find many, many hits.

Many people teach many things.

Yet, we as a nation, are getting fatter and more unhealthy by the minute.

Why is that?

It’s not what what people are teaching is wrong. That’s not there case! There is a lot of science out there and there are a lot of good programs and “ways” to eat right. Some are a bit out there but are really good.

So what is the problem? Why are we still so unhealthy?

There are 2 reasons for this. Well, truth be told, there are probably MANY reasons but I think we can lump them into two categories.

Reason #1: We are all different in our physiology and our mentality.

What this means is that if a plan works for your friend then it may or may not work for you. This is a tough pill to swallow, so to speak. If you friend is shedding fat then why aren’t you? The answer lies in your genes and you may never be able to articulate it.

We are all different and that is a fact. This is one reason why cookie cutter diets and programs are no good in my eyes.

Reason #2: Most of these programs are either too hard to implement and stick too or just too darn sucky with all that you need to eliminate.

What do we usually do with something that is complex and hard and we thoroughly don’t enjoy? We quit. What do most people do when they go on a diet? THEY QUIT.

Duh. Why do something that you hate? Plus when we ELIMINATE certain things guise what we do? WE CRAVE THOSE EXACT THINGS.

So in a basic sense we understand why most plans don’t work.

I recently replied to a post in a group in LinkedIn. The questions was this: 

Health Professionals, just curious….What type of Nutrition or Nutritional regimen are you recommending for your clients?”

Check out these answers which to me is the root of the problem:  

Leonard: I recommend personalized metabolic balance nutrition program. While it recommends only whole foods it meets the clients bio-identity and bio-chemistry needs via scientific blood & health profile analysis to maximize results. No pills, supplementation, shakes or proprietary foods are sold to clients. After all Food is Natures Medicine.”


Andrea: Mostly organic and whole foods, however I tailor to meet my individual client’s needs.”

Margie: “Whole, organic and no sugar!”

On the surface this sounds good but what is the likely hood that you will maintains a diet in this day and age that meets “clients bio-identity and bio-chemistry needs“. Let’s be real. Who the hell is going to do this or can afford these tests? 
OK, I have spend a little time (more then I thought I would) identifying the problem. 
What is my SOLUTION? How do we teach people to eat? 
In the most simplest of terms we want to teach people to eat the way that they are going to eat the rest of their lives. No diets, no restrictions. 
Don’t get me wrong. We encourage people to avoid certain foods BUT we empower people to make choices and to nourish their bodies based on what they want to look and feel like. 
TRUST ME. There is a distinction here. The theory is that when people are empowered to make good choices and reap the benefits then they will continue to make good decisions. 
So what do we teach people to do? Here are 13 principles that we teach. I’ll just share the basics here but you should be able to fill in the gaps. 
Principle #1: You MUST view this as NOURISHMENT and not eating
Principle #2: Daily Caloric balance. 
Principle #3: Balanced meals. 
Principle #4: Don’t drink your calories
Principle #6: Focus on QUANTITY early and QUALITY late.
Principle #7: Eat protein at night. 
Principle #8: NEVER. I mean NEVER eat fast food! EVER!
Principle #9: Pack food on the go. 
Principle #10: Plan your meals and STICK TO THE PLAN.
Principle #11: Don’t stress bad food choices.
Principle #12: Don’t diet.
Principle #13: Make empowering decisions and start back at one. 
If this seems to simple then that is the point. One of the biggest mistakes that trainers and especially dietitians / nutritionists make is that they make the nutrition so darn complex and hard to maintain. 
Eating right should be empowering. You should be able to enjoy eating and still be happy with your progress. We encourage people to make small changes and continue to make small changes and tweaks forever. This way their nourishment routines become theirs and they own them.
I hope that makes sense and I hope you got value. If you want to learn SPECIFICALLY what to eat then check out our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge (  
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