How to warm up

how to warm up

Are you ever a little lost when it comes to how to warm up?

I see it a lot at the gym. People want to either jump right into a workout cold or they are way too concerned with a warm-up. As usual, I have an opinion on the matter.

I break up my audience into one of 3 camps today.

Don’t worry if you don’t fit entirely into one of these categories. This isn’t an exact science. Just do your best.

  1. Athletes. I would define an athlete in this case (the reality is that we are ALL athletes but for this training…) as someone who competes in a sport of some sort. If you do competitions then you fall into this category. Basically athletes need to take whatever you do in your competition and scale it down. That is your warm up. Do the same movements just a less of them with less resistance. Add some stretches for the main muscle movers and you are good to go.
  2. Weekend warriors. VERY SIMILAR to an athlete. You may “compete” in things like touch football with the guys or some pick-up basketball games every once in a while. Same concept here. Do some similar moves but don’t get too stressed out about a warm up. Some light stretching and have fun!
  3. Those that workout regular or less then regular. Focus on the workout and not so much the warm up. Your first 5-10 minutes is your warm-up. If you goal is simply to lose weight or to get more fit then make the warm-up part of the work out. Stretch after if you want. The idea is to be efficient and to get the most out of your workout time.

Hope you got value out of today’s post. Keep it simple and get out there and get it done.

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