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Yesterday one of our gym members asked me, “How do you have so much energy?

What a great question. In today’s blog post I am going to give you 10 “bright” ideas (get it…. BRIGHT ideas??!!) to create more energy in your life. Do as many of these as you can and you will see your energy literally SKYROCKET.

So what will happen when you have more energy?

Wow. Where do I begin? Increased energy means increased EVERYTHING. You will be more productive at work. Who doesn’t want to maybe make more money and get more done? You will be a better parent and spouse. Do you think your loved ones will be more happy if you clean the dishes and take out the trash? YES! You will be able to give more of yourself for the things that you care about like your church or your Tuesday night soccer league.

I could go on all day. You get the point. Energy is the fuel for your fire.

You know that energy is important so let’s get right into the 10 ideas that can give you more energy to become a better and more productive person.

Let’s do this.

More Energy Idea #1: Hydrate.

It shocks me the number of people that just don’t drink enough water. Our bodies as mostly water so if we deprive ourselves then we are sapping our own life forces just to survive. This is not a good thing. Drink water until your pee isn’t dark yellow. If you are going to the bathroom too much (you will know what this means) then you are drinking too much water. Find the balance!

More Energy Idea #2:Get in your calories.

You put gas in your car, right? Then why not put gas in your body? Often people say, “I have no energy...” but yet they skip breakfast and skip snacks. Duh. You need fuel for the fire. Get your calories in so that your machine (your body!) can fire on all cylinders. CLICK HERE to listen to my podcast on “How to Eat”. I give a lot more details for this idea and #3 in the short podcast. 

More Energy Idea #3: Stop eating CRAP.

Again, go back and listen to the podcast on “How to Eat” to learn more details. I go deep on food quality in the recording. When you eat a huge helping of simple sugars you get a burst of energy. Cool, right? The problem is that the low of the crash is lower than the high of the high.

Make you meals and your snacks of higher quality and you will have more energy.

More Energy Idea #4: Get your sleep.

I know, right. Duh. This one is obvious but I would be stupid not to mention it. The thing that I would make sure you understand is that we all need different amount of sleep. Make sure to get yours. Also, make sure to remember that if you exercise more then you will need more sleep.

Sleep issues can be cumulative. Miss one night of good sleep or even two and you might be fine. If will his you eventually so don’t let that happen!

I know a lot of people can’t control things like wake up time. If you have to get up early then go to bed early! Duh! Seems simple but many mess this up.

Another issue is wind down time. Many people claim they need to “wind down” at the end of a hard day. Thats cool, just do it faster by avoiding alcohol, high intensity TV shows and anxiety later in the evening. If you have to get up at 5pm it’s probably not a good idea to watch Criminal Minds from 9-10pm. Listen to music or read a good book from 9pm to 9:30pm and then it’s lights out.

More Energy Idea #5: Avoid caffeine later in the day.

I can drink Spark as late at 7pm and I will be fine to sleep. Muscle Fuel after 4pm is a nono for me though. Know your body and avoid caffeine when you need to. This one is pretty straight forward.

More Energy Idea #6: Workout more.

The more you workout the more tired you get, right? WRONG.

The more you workout and the better your fitness is the more energy that you are going to have. Try doing an early workout in addition to your later workout. Make it simple. I went for a 10 minute walk this morning. Sometimes that’s all it takes. Move your body more and you will have more energy. Yes, it may actually give you less energy in the short term but in the long term you will have a TON more energy!

More Energy Idea #7: Drink your Spark.

Gosh I love my AdvoCare Spark. CLICK HERE to read my blog post about being addicted to energy drinks. Blah. That was a tough time and Spark is NOT an energy drink. Most energy drinks have some caffeine and ton of sugar. They give you a good rush for sure…but the crash is killer. Spark has some caffeine BUT it’s backed up by a load of B vitamins that are going to help the oxygen get transported and used. This will give you longer lasted and more efficient energy.

CLICK HERE to get a FREE SAMPLE of Spark! 

More Energy Idea #8: Vary your workouts.

Are you excited to go workout each day? If that is a negative then you need to do something different. Try something new. Stop the same old crap everyday. If you are bored at your gym then take a look at The Fit Life Community. The workouts here are different and challenging. This will give you energy!

More Energy Idea #9: Stop digging.

Have you ever heard the old axiom that if you want to get out of a hole the first thing that you need to do is to stop digging?

I am talking about doubt and negative self talk here. It needs to stop and it needs to stop NOW.

Stop with the blaming and the complaining. Stop with the self doubt and the whinny busll shit. I mean it. STOP.

More Energy Idea #10: Start building.

If you think for a moment that ideas 9 and 10 aren’t 100% vital for you to have more energy and vitally then clearly this is what you need. It’s been proven time and time and gain that negativity is draining and positivity is energizing.

Be positive. Be supportive. Give back. Empower others. Be a pump and not a drain. The difference that you make will give you more energy then you know what to do with.

There you have it. 10 ideas to help you to have more energy. Remember that most things in fitness work in synergy. In other words you can’t just rampu up one. You need to do all of the ideas to help you to get long term results. In this case it’s all about having more energy.

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