How to get a GREAT nights sleep

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep? Today’s post will give you 17 tips to get a better nights sleep which will improve the quality of your life.

So many people enter into the negative cycle of too much coffee and not enough sleep. It’s a dangerous and unhealthy cycle that you need to get out of if you want to be healthy and happy.


It starts with a night where you don’t sleep well for whatever reason. The next day you are exhausted to you have an extra cup of coffee a little too late and the cycle is created.

Or maybe your schedule dictated a late night followed by an early morning and you body “get used to” the 6 hours of sleep that you get.

No matter what the reason lack of sleep will make you sick and it will age you prematurely. Today’s blog post will outline 17 ways to get a GREAT nights sleep and wake up each day feeling productive and ready to tackle the day. This will mean that you get sick less and are a more productive member of society. Win/win, right?

Let me preface this by saying that I am no expert on the science of sleep. If you have true, diagnosed insomnia then you may want to consult a medical practitioner.  I am, however, an experienced fitness coach and I have been helping people get and stay fit for many years. I have a bit of experience.

Besides, I was having trouble sleeping last night and I wanted to share with you what I came up with when I was lying in bed.

Better sleep tip #1: Adjust your caffeine intake. I know. Duh, right? I had to include this though. Some people still are having a cup of coffee after dinner and wondering they can’t sleep at 11 pm. You should have the last cup of coffee or Spark in your by 4 pm at the latest. If you struggle with sleep dial it back to 2 pm. Incidentally, if you are a coffee drinking and looking for a healthier alternative then you NEED to check out AdvoCare’s Spark metal focus drink. It’s what we drink and it has tons of nutrition that coffee doesn’t.

Better sleep tip #2: Eat protein or have a protein shake about an hour before you go to bed. This one seems counter intuitive, right? Truth is that the “don’t eat after 7 pm” thing is a myth. Being hungry may keep you awake. Instead put your body into sleep mode with some digestion. Make sure it’s mostly protein. A piece of cake will NOT help you sleep. The high sugar content will help keep you awake.

Better sleep tip #3: Hot bath or shower and comfortable sleeping clothes. Feeling refreshed and comfortable will help you sleep. Sleep however you feel most comfortable. Some people like to sleep naked and that’s fine. Look at what you sleep in. If it’s not super comfy then get something that is!

Better sleep tip #4: Wash your sheets at least once per week and replace them completely 2 times per year. It would disgust you to know that comes off your body and stays on your sheets while you sleep. Truly. Let’s not go there. The allergen issue is important as well. Don’t let the dust mites and other allergens build up!

Better sleep tip #5: Invest in a high quality mattress and pillow. You spend a full 1/3 of your life in bed. Invest in your time spend there! Old pillows and matrices can accumulate a massive amount of dead skin and dirt. Old crappy mattresses could be costing you good nights of sleep.

Better sleep tip #6: Keep the temperature where it needs to be for you and your spouse. Or at least make a compromise. I have heard stories of couples where one wants it 80F and the other 60F. Negotiate a good alternative! If you are kicking covers off all night then the temperature needs to go down. What if your spouse is cold? Maybe the cold spouse gets come warmer PJ’s and the warm spouse sleeps with less clothes. Compromise!

Better sleep tip #7: Keep the carpets vacuumed and consider an air purifier. Do you or your spouse snore? This could be from dust or pet hair and any number of things floating in the air. This is also a big one if you are constantly sniffling and sneezing at night!

Better sleep tip #8: Train your pets. Truth be told I was up at 4 am because of my dog. A walk around the block last night would have solved that. You bet the dog will get her walk tonight. I used to have a cat that actually trained us. She needed to have the door open and she trained us to do it. I guess tip 8a is if you have a cat then let the cat train you!

Better sleep tip #9: Be tired. Our bodies were made to more and were made to sweat. Do you sweat everyday? You should! If you have trouble sleeping then maybe you need to get more tired by exercising! Exercise will also help to eliminate stress. Win/win.

Better sleep tip #10: Go to bed empowered by planning your morning. This is my favorite. When you climb in bed know what time you are going to get up, what clothes you are wearing (they are laid out!), what you are eating for breakfast and what time you need to leave the house or the first thing you are doing in your home office. Have you ever laid in bed worrying about X, Y, or Z? It keeps you up, right? By taking this thought off your plate you can have a lower stress level and a better time sleeping!

Better sleep tip #11: Have sex! Yep. You read right. There are chemicals released in your body after sex help you sleep. This is a scientific fact! Also, in case you were wondering, you don’t need a partner for this. I won’t go any further then that… you get the point.

Better sleep tip #12: Don’t watch emotionally charged TV then expect to fall right asleep. I like to watch Netflix at night. I get it. If you do that then take 5-10 minutes and do some reading. This will help to bring you down so you can sleep. Don’t do this on your phone! By looking at the light of your phone is the dark you will do the opposite. You will be kept up. Plus you will likely find something on social media that is just as emotionally charged!

Better sleep tip #13: Take care of lights and sounds. My wife can’t fall asleep when the kids are watching TV in the living room. Thus the kids go to bed then we go to bed. She also can;t stand lights from things like the the Chomecast connection on the TV. Me telling her to “close her eyes” somehow doesn’t seem to help. Shocker.

Better sleep tip #14: Try some AdvoCare supplements. I am NOT a fan of over the counter “sleep aids”. As a matter of fact this whole blog post is to try to have you AVOID medication. We feel that both Nighttime Recovery and Sleepworks can assist in sleep without the nasty side effects of medication.

Better sleep tip #15: Keep you thoughts positive. What do you think about as you fall asleep? Do you replay the negative situations from your day over and over and over again? Do you worry about the future? Here is my suggestion. Think about the BEST part of your day and the POTENTIAL of the future. You can also ask this question: Why am I so blessed? Keep coming up with reasons why you are so blessed. This will lower your stress and anxiety and help you sleep.

Better sleep tip #16: Try massage night! My wife and I will do full body massages once or twice per week. We light candles and play soft music. It’s very relaxing and we ALWAYS sleep well!  This may or may not lead to #11. If it does then BONUS.

Better sleep tip #17: Don’t go for make-up sleep. If you sleep 12 hours on Sunday morning then guess what happens Sunday night? You will have trouble falling asleep and the cycle begins again! If you have days to “sleep in” then by all means sleep in BUT don’t sleep more then 9 hours. Same goes for napping. I love naps but 2 hour naps will hinder the next nights sleep. Trip closing your eyes for 30-45 minutes. This will help catch you up without hurting your next nights sleep.

There you have it. Did these tips help you? If so can you share this post with your friends on social media. The button a below! Are there tips that I missed? Comment below if you have other suggestions! 

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