How to be healthier in 7 easy steps

how to be healthier rick copley

Do you want to have better health? Do you want to live with more vitality and have more energy and be MORE HAPPY? Do you want to be more and do more? Follow these 7 steps and you will accomplish all that and more.

Living a fit life is amazing. Being happy and healthy is the best way to live your life yet most of us fall far short of the vitality that we are capable of. It’s time to change that.

Are you ready to change the way that you feel day in and day out in 7 easy steps?

Before I start let me be clear. Living a fit life is easy but some of the decisions that we are going to have to make may seem hard. Its a process and it takes time. It’s going to be a challenge to keep going on the right path. The steps are easy, the implementation can be hard. Be ready for that.

The rewards though…are amazing.

I heard a friend of mine say something a long time ago that has stuck with me. He said, “The process will be hard then you think it will be but the results will be so much more as well.”

Powerful stuff.

Here we go.

Step #1: Read books or listen to Podcasts about both personal and professional growth. Today is Sunday and I woke up early. The first thing that I did was to go for a walk with my dog. What did I do on my walk beside get some exercise and enjoy the cool air? I listened to a Podcast called “Everyday is Saturday” by Sam Crowley. It’s motivational and educational.

I just spent 10 minutes improving my mind and improving my attitude. When you feel a little better about yourself you will make better decisions regarding your well being. Don’t discount how important it is to improve who you are.

Step #2: Get out your calendar and schedule in your workouts. Do you use Google calendar? Are you old school with a paper calendar? No matter. How do you schedule a business meeting of your kids school play? You see most people don’t do this. Most people wait till the end of the day and if they have time they workout. Wrong answer.

You need to schedule time for yourself to workout. You need to do it. This is an EASY thing to do. It takes 3 minutes to look at your calendar and throw in your workout.

Step #3: Change your posture. I could (and should) write a blog post about posture. What do you say to people about your life and about your day? Do you complain first and share good news second? Do you share B.S. on Facebook or do you share positive stuff.

Listen, you don’t need to be the wacky one on Facebook that fake about how awesome the world is all the time. I’m not talking about that. What I am saying is this: be more positive. Be more a leader. Be MORE in the way that you speak.

How do you do that?

Great question.

Just be more aware of what you say. That’s all. Notice if you are blaming and complaining are accepting responsibility and lifting others up. It’s easy to do if you think about it.

Step #4: Eat better. Simple. EAT BETTER. It’s different for all of us but to eat better really is that simple. Make a little change. One little change is easy, right? Good. Each little change will lead to another little change.

If you make one small change to the way that you eat each week then at the end of a year you will have changed 52 things. You will be more healthy. To learn how to eat health listen my podcast episdoe: How to Eat –>

Step #5: Establish your health rules. It might be a good idea to write these down. Start with the obvious one and then progress to the harder ones. Here are list of 10 rules that are a good starting point. (I’ll start with the obvious ones.)

Rule #1: I will not do do recreational drugs.

Rule #2: I will not take performance enhancing drugs.

Rule #3: I will not drink more then 2 alcoholic drinks in one day.

Rule #4: I will eat 2 pieces of fruit each day.

Rule #5: I will never miss 2 days of exercise in a row unless I am sick or hurt.

Rule #6: I will not eat fast food.

Rule #7: I will not drink soda.

Rule #8: I will do 5 burpees before every workout.

Rule #9: I will walk my dog every day.

Rule #10: I will listen to podcasts while I am alone.

You get the point. Establish rules that you stick to and follow. The more you do this the more you do this. What if you never walked into another fast food restaurant again. Do you think you will be more healthy?

Step #6: Subscribe to my blog. Click image below to easily accomplish step six.

Rick Copley The Fit Life Blog

Honestly, it doesn’t have to be my blog. Just read something each day that moves you in the right direction. Knowledge is power. Gain more everyday and you will be better off. TRUST ME.

Step #7: Change your identity. I put this one last because, honesty, it is the hardest one. Plus it must be build up peice by piece using steps one through six above.

If you identify yourself as unhealthy then you will be unhealthy not matter what. If you identify yourself as someone that struggles then you will be someone that struggles.

Change your identity and change your life.

Each step is simple and each step can be easy.

Do your best. Do a little each day and you will see MASSIVE results down the road.

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