Good to GREAT fitness: 7 tips

Today’s post is a little different. Normally we help you out if you are struggling or give you tips on how to get started. Today I want to focus on those of you that are getting it done. 

Are you getting good results? If you goal to KEEP GETTING good results or even to ramp up those results and get AMAZING results.
Well then this post is for you. 
Does this describe someone that you might know? Would you share with them? I’m sure your friends want to know what the next step is! 
Let’s call this good to great fitness.
TIP #1: Ramp up your supplements. I’m referring to pre workout and post workout supplements specifically. We use AdvoCare and the products that we suggest can be found when you CLICK HERE. By enhancing your workout in this way you can work harder and thus get more fit and workout like we do!

TIP #2: Eat like a Hobbit. We joke about this all the time. We eat like darn Hobbits. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies…. Once you become super fit you will need the calories to fuel the fire, so to speak. Start eating more and more often and your metabolism will start run like a freight train.

TIP #3: Do 2 per day workouts. This was the KEY to success for my wife Teresa. When she started doing 2 a days she really started to shred her body and look like this:
Here is what we did just yesterday. At lunch time I partnered with my good friend Tom. (Tom is in his mid-50’s and a super fit guy) The workout was for time once through. One person works at a time:
  • 100 front squats (115 lbs)
  • 80 burpee box jumps
  • 60 chest to bar pull-ups
  • 4k row
  • 2 mile run.
We did it in about 48 minutes.
Later on I grabbed my competition partner Jarrett and I did it again. The only change was that we did thrusters (95 lbs) instead of front squats; plus we did it in 43 minutes.
Two tough workouts in one day. It’s how RESULTS happen.

TIP #4: Squat deeper, do hand release push-ups, do chest to bar pull-ups and other more advanced versions of things that you already do.Whatever you normally do for a workout just do something a little more during that time. You will be amazing how this helps your fitness level. Almost everything we do can be made just a little harder.
TIP #5: Compete! Nothing, and I mean NOTHING bring out the intensity like a little competition. You can organize some competition yourself or sign up for something. This will help you push harder or perhaps learn some new exercises!

TIP #6: Lift heavy. Many people shy away from lifting heavy for good reason. It can be a little intimating and it can be a little dangerous and scary! It doesn’t have to be thought! Start with what you can do comfortably and go from there! There are many types of lifts that you can do “heavy”. Get with a competent instructor and let he or she show you the way.
TIP #7: Carry around heavy stuff, go long, play sports and other things that get your heart rate up for a long time. Exercise doesn’t have to be limited to what you normally see at the gym. Be creative. Do something different. If you are breathing hard then it’s a GREAT workout. A few weeks back we played burpee baseball. A homerun meant everybody else did burpees. A strike and YOU did burpees! Recently I carried a heavy ball 800 meters while dropping the ball doing a 400m meter run every 3 minutes. It was challenging but fun like working out SHOULD BE.

The key to long term AMAZING results if consistent effort and consistent change.  Shock you body and do it as much as you can. This will give you the results you are looking for. 
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PLEASE share if you found value here. Its our mission to change the world though fitness. Will you help us do that? 

Shine on my friends. SHINE ON.

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