My word is fight. What is yours?

For some reason I have been struggling to read books lately. The struggle is real and I’m being totally honest and transparent. While i acknowledge the struggle I am not accepting defeat. It’s OK to see the problem.

It’s a choice to fix it. To fix issues, like the one that I am having with reading, you need to FIGHT for that is right for you and for the people that you influence.


Fight is my word for 2016.

While I haven’t read many books, (I freely admit I think I read maybe 3 or 4 books in 2015) I did read one that had an impact on me.

One word
What is your word?

I got through this book because it was short with lots headlines and pictures. It may have been short but it’s message was super powerful.

In a nutshell the authors suggest you pic one word for your year and that is your focus. It took 3 months after I read the book for my word to be solidified in my mind.

A few days back I was frustrated by a project that I am working on. The frustrations got me to thinking about other frustrations. For a moment I felt a little sorry for myself. Then someone suggested that I change a goal that I had. “100 is a little out of reach. Let’s change the goal to 50…

Like a lighting bolt this little red book came to mind and the word FIGHT popped into my head.

No. I am NOT going to lower my goal. I am not going to give up and give in. I am going to to FIGHT. 

There are other areas of life where expectations aren’t being met. In that moment I determined that I would fight for those as well. I will fight till the end whether I win or lose…. I will FIGHT.

To me the message “fight” is one that I have complete control over. I can ALWAYS fight. I may not win but if I fight then I will always be a winner and I will set an example for my boys, my wife, my business partners, my clients and EVERY ONE of my fans and followers.

I will fight to be better in all areas of my life in 2016.

What is your word? 

Fill out the form below with your word, your email and brief description of “why” and I will give you suggestions on how to use this focus to have your most fit year ever. Yes, I am offering you a little bit of free coaching. Take advantage!

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