Exercise to feel good. Eat to lose weight.

Exercise to feel good. Eat to lose weight.

Isn’t that an interesting quote? It makes sense if you think about it but is that what most people do? It’s really not. Most people do the opposite. We exercise to lose weight and we usually eat food to feel good. Do we not celebrate anniversaries with dinner out? We eat cake at birthdays and have drinks with friends.

Most of us eat to feel good. We binge eat. We eat things that we like and that make us feel good for the moment. Then we hit the gym to lose the weight.

Long term success isn’t found this way. Long term success is found when we move our our bodies to feel good and we feel good about moving our bodies. Long term success is found when we learn to eat the food that encourages muscle growth and discourages fat storage. This is how we get results.

If you want to feel good you need to exercise every day or at least most every day. If you want to lose weigh you need to eat good food consistently and cut out the garbage.

If you make your lifestyle one where these are your priorities then the sky is the limit for you.

Hope that helps.

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