Everyday is Saturday

A positive attitude is all it takes to live the life of your dreams.

To me everyday is a Saturday. I mean this in a couple of ways. First of all it is my “job”. I really don’t work like people that have the typical 9-5. Those people, for the most part, look forward to every Saturday with a positive attitude.

When you honestly and truly LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you do then everyday is Saturday. It’s an amazing feeling to wake up with the same excitement and euphoria on Monday, Tuesday and every other day.

I can’t say enough for how cool it is.

The other way that, for me, every day is Saturday is with my health and fitness.

This one is a tad harder to explain and conceptualize.

Check this out.

Have you ever felt euphoric about yourself and the way you look? I bet you have. That’s your “Saturday”.

Years ago I remember my aunt at a summer family gathering. She was in her late 30’s at the time and was heading to her 20th high school reunion. I saw her once every summer and, let me tell you, she had never looked so fit.

This was her Saturday.

The next year she had gained a bunch of weight and wasn’t enjoying her health anymore.

Some peoples Saturday comes once a year in the first week of January. After a couple of weeks at the gym a few pounds are lost and the body is feeling pretty good. Sometimes your “Saturday” lasts a few weeks or even months until [*Insert ridiculous excuse here*].

Some people enjoy brief periods of time where they feel great an even look great. It might be the summer. It might be that pickup basketball league at the YMCA. It might be flag football.


Saturdays end.

You need to develop the everyday is Saturday mentality. Just like when you quit your crappy job to start something you love (like I did 6 years ago) you MUST quit your crappy body and start loving what you see.

Changing your lifestyle is hard but it can’t be as hard as looking at that belly when you tie your shoes.

Working out may make you sore and a little uncomfortable but how comfortable is it buying a bigger size and not wearing what you want because your ass is to damn huge.

Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

Everyday is Saturday for me and it can be for you also. It’s a choice. Let me know if there is anything that I can do to help.

Please share if you found value here. THANK YOU.

By the way, today’s blog post was inspired by a Podcast that I listen to called the “Everyday is Saturday Podcast” with Sam Crowley. It’s good and I recommend it.

CLICK HERE to go the the website or search “Everyday is Saturday” on your podcast app on your phone.

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