Who dreads going to the gym?

Be honest now. Do you ever look at the clock and think, “Just a few more minutes of watching TV and I’ll go to the gym….*sign*

Or do you get a pang of apprehension when you are packing your gym bag before work?

Sometimes, this happens a LOT, you are on the way to the gym and the thought runs through your mind, “I SHOULD be spending time with my kids….

Zig Ziglar calls this stickin’ thinkin’. It needs to stop.

By the way, as an aside, when you start to “dread” going to the gym you are about to quit. You don’t do things that you dread for very long. This is an early step in the “quit cycle”.

Today isn’t going to be long. It is going to one brick in the wall though. It is a simple message that MUST resonate with you.

You will not continue to do something that you dread. If you dread working out then you MUST find a new workout. Go to a trainer. Go to a new gym, Try a new class. Do something new. 

If you don’t have certainty about what is going to happen in the gym then you will naturally be curious and you will be drawn to your workout instead of being repelled.

Think about it. This is more important than people realize.

I heard a cool quote on a podcast this morning and I am going to share it with you here:


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Stay fit my friend. Rock on.

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