Do you hate to workout?

Moving your body is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you do. If you hate to workout then you have a major problem that you need to fix. I am here to help.

If the title and headline of this blog post resonates with you then this will be the most important 5 minutes of your life. If you hate to workout then you owe it to yourself to read this article.

I saw this post on Facebook the other day:

“Workout done!! Hate working out but I have to.”

Why do you hate to workout?

Why do you hate anything?

Below are the top 3  reasons why people hate to workout…or hate to do anything for that matter.

Reason #1: It makes us feel uncomfortable. We can this “gym-timidation”

This is mindset. We hate doing something because, in our mind, we look dumb or we are embarrassed that we don’t look like other people that are doing the same thing better. We also feel uncomfortable because we see others and we may get the perception that it’s “easy” for them.  We feel intimidated.

It’s all in your mind. Honestly, who gives a crap what other people think? We will get back to this later.

Reason #2: It makes us physically uncomfortable. In other words it hurts.

Doing something that puts you in pain seems pretty silly, right? If I stick a needle in my eye right now would I want to keep doing that? No. It would hurt like hell. If I were to walk to work in Teresa’s shoes then I would physically hurt. This is pain.

Pain is something that we all want to avoid. The issue with this one is two fold. This is a very important distinction.

Distinction #1: Sticking a needle in your eye or wearing shoes that don’t fit are stupid and lead you to nothing. Actual pain is the result. Plus why do these things? There are no benefits.

Distinction #2: There is a difference between actual pain and simple things like muscle soreness and fatigue from working out. PLUS there are benefits.

I am in “pain” right now, at this very minute (I am typing at 9:50 am, Sunday, February 21st, 2016) from my workouts the last two days. It’s muscle soreness and it will go away. It’s a little uncomfortable but I am OK with dealing with a little pain because I know that it’s helping me to live longer and live better.

Pain is temporary. Health lasts longer. One more reason then we will tie it all together.

Reason #3: We don’t see the value or the benefit. In other words we don’t see the results.

Do you see how these “reasons” layer on each other? We are uncomfortable about working out to begin with. When we do we feel physical pain. On top of that we don’t get results so we question why we are even doing it.

Why do something that is not going to benefit you? Better yet, why do something that makes you feel emotionally crappy, physically bad and you don’t get out of it what you you expect?

Well, crap, I would hate to workout too if that what I went though each time I worked out.

Do you want to know the answer?

Well….there is no real “answer” but there is a mindset switch that I can help you with. Let’s start from the beginning.


It all starts with the way that you choose to look at exercise. This is where we need to do the switch. We need to look at WHY we workout.

The person with the Facebook status that I mentioned before says, “I have to”.

This is the linchpin my friends. This is the key to the whole thing.

You workout not because you have to or because you need to. You workout be more and to be better. You workout to feel better. You workout to be better for your kids. You workout to live longer. You workout because you want your kids to develop a healthy lifestyle. You workout because you are a champion and you are the hero of your own story.

These are all choices that you make. You don’t have to do anything. Your life and your health is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

When you say that you “have to” workout it suggests that someone is making you and someone else have control over you. YOU decide WHY you workout.

Now that you have a purpose and a reason you are more willing to push through a little discomfort. Now that you have a little head of steam you are going to get some results and guess what? Your happy meter may just go up a little bit and the process starts all over again in a good way.

Do you catch what I’m throwing?

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Figure out your reason for working out. It’s different for all of us. Once your purpose is defined and crystal clear the opinion of others no longer matter. (On a side note, 99% of people that are fit look at unfit people with a feeling of hope and support. We look at a person just starting and the only two thoughts in our minds (the minds of the fit people) are “Good for you!” and “Man I hope he or she sticks the it and succeeds.” THIS IS THE TRUTH.”)Physical discomfort becomes subordinated to your goal or your purpose. You just want to live a few extra years. You can put up with some soreness for a few extra years of life, right?

A good attitude and some diligence and you get results no matter what gym you go to or what fitness program you join.

Did you see how I did that?

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