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This is a story that hits close to home. This is a story of someone that made a change that enhanced her life. This is my wife’s story of when she looked at herself with disgust and did something about it.

It was quite a few years ago now. At the time Teresa was in her late 20’s and her two boys were 5 and 7. She worked in a doctors office full time. She was busy and lived with quite a bit of stress because of a job that she hated.

Teresa had always been pretty thin and athletic when she was young. Even after her first baby she got back into pretty good shape. Then life threw her some curve balls after a baby number two. She found herself single and out of shape.

She, like many of of us, found herself flowing, out of control, with the river of life. She was becoming unhealthy and unhappy.

She needed a change in her life but she didn’t know it because it seemed that life was what it was. She didn’t see any other way.

Does that resonate with you? Do you feel caught sometimes? Or maybe you think things are good enough? You feel OK but that is normal, right?

Teresa very well could have continued on her paths for many years. A body that she didn’t love. A job that she hated. She was in a relationship that didn’t inspired her.

That was her life.

Until one day when she sat down at work.

Do we always need a defining moment to make a change? I don’t think so but sometimes that is what it takes. Sometimes a moment of disgust makes us take actions that change our lives forever.

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Teresa sat down at work and realized that her butt was taking up the entire chair and was even hanging over the side a little bit.

That moment for Teresa started a chain reaction of actions that she would take over the next few days, weeks, months and years that would lead her to a happy marriage, the body of her dreams and a job and life that she loves.

It started with a moment of disgust.

Teresa took action. She contacted a friend of hers who was going to a boot camp class at the YMCA. She signed up and got into the habit of working out.

Her unhappy relationship ended and her and I started dating.

Her body began to change. She started at 160 pounds and dropped to 120 pounds. With more workouts and AdvoCare supplements and eating right she went from 120 pounds and 22% body fat to 140 pounds today with just 13% body fat.

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Advocare Rick Copley

When we married she quit that job that she hated and she and I run our AdvoCare business and we, along with our business partners, operate our gym.

We are even building a house together now.

Isn’t it amazing how life can change from unhappy and unfulfilled to rewarding and empowering. It all started with a moment of disgust.

What does this story mean to you?

Do you see hope for YOU in this story?

It doesn’t happen overnight. Changing your life is never a one act play. It takes months and years of effort but in he end it is 100% worth it.

Today Teresa is so much more or a person then she was then. Not only does she have a rockin’ body but she is a leader and a champion.

I truly hope that this story gives YOU some HOPE. If you are struggling, if you want more from life all you need to do is start. Move in the direction of your dreams and you will get there and live the life that you have always wanted.

Take. Action. Now.

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