Champions Don’t Quit

Last year at the CrossFit regional qualifier a lady named Julie Foucher torn her achilles in the middle of the competition. For this 4 time top 5 finisher at the Crossfit games there would be no 5th CrossFit games. This was the also season for this popular competitor who is in medical school with a dream of becoming a doctor.

It must of been devastating to her.

What did she do? 

I am going to get back to that and I am going to share WHY what she did is important and how YOU can learn from it.

First I want to share a similar story from my life as an athlete.

I 2005 I competed at the XTerra (off road triathlon -ocean swim/off road bike/trail run) World Championships in Hawaii. I finished 7th place in my age group. It was an amazing race for me but I was hungry for more. I set my sites on getting on the podium or even winning.

For the next 354 days that was my focus. I was going back and I was going stand on that podium. I trained hard and I did all that I could. I qualified again and got myself back to the starting line in 2006.

It was my time. It was, or I thought it would be, the apex of my triathlon career. 

The swim was first and I swam well. I was on the bike leg and feeling strong. I was confident and I was moving well.

Then I got a flat tire.

So what did Julie Foucher do? What did Rick Copley do? What would YOU do?

You do the ONLY thing you can do. You do what you set out to do in the first place. You give it your best effort despite the known result.

Julie didn’t make it back to the games but she did do the last 4 events with a boot on her foot. She even placed 8th in one of the events…with a BOOT ON HER FOOT!

She simply gave her all KNOWING she couldn’t reach or goal or perform to capacity. That’s courage.

After my first flat I kept going. I fixed my tire 7 times. As I walked with my bike I simply asked passing riders for tubes and air. Eventually someone gave my a hand pump. After a while I gave up fixing my tire and road the last 5 miles on a flat tire. I suffered on the 7 mile run leg because I didn’t drink enough water because of all the flat fixing that I did. It was a long a painful day but I NEVER gave up.

I gave all that I had to give. That is all that I had left. 

How do these stories relate to you?

Some days the workouts are going to suck. Some days you are going to eat like crap. Sometimes the scale is going to move in the WRONG direction. It’s called life and it is going to happen.

If you want results. If you want to be better and to be more. If you want the best from yourself then you need to learn to keep going despite the circumstances. You need to keep fighting till the end because that is what champions do and YOU are a champion.

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