Why we are overweight

why we are overweight

This post is going to shed light on why we are overweight. The answers may not be what you think. Hold on tight. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we are overweight. The latest stats say that it’s 68.6%. That means that almost 7 out of 10 people are overweight. I have some ideas why we are overweight.… More →

Why People Quit

Why people quit

People quit the gym ALL THE TIME. Today I look at why people quit the gym from the ACTUAL words of the quitters. I have been blessed in recent weeks because normally when people quit they simply stop coming and stop returning calls and texts. Normally when people quit they simply fade off into the sunset and offer up a lame,… More →

Do you hate to workout?

Moving your body is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you do. If you hate to workout then you have a major problem that you need to fix. I am here to help. If the title and headline of this blog post resonates with you then this will be the most important 5 minutes of your life. If you hate to… More →

Choose Your Hard

If you want to succeed long term you are going to need to choose your hard. Last week two ladies came to our gym to try a workout. A few days later one of the ladies came back to join. I asked the one that came back where her friend was. Her response was, “She said it was too hard.”… More →

Exercise to feel good. Eat to lose weight.

“Exercise to feel good. Eat to lose weight.” Isn’t that an interesting quote? It makes sense if you think about it but is that what most people do? It’s really not. Most people do the opposite. We exercise to lose weight and we usually eat food to feel good. Do we not celebrate anniversaries with dinner out? We eat cake… More →

Functional Fitness and Weight Lifting in everyday life

Teresa Copley ~ Champion Athlete

GUEST BLOG by my awesome and super-hot wife Teresa Copley. Enjoy! I hear people all the time saying that they do not need to lift heavy weights or do functional fitness because they will not use that in their life. The myth of heavy weight lifting making you bulky or less flexible is just that, a myth! Let me tell… More →

Pushing past your limits

Check this out. Today I am going to use me doing 100 straight double-unders yesterday as a lesson that will give you value. Maybe this seems far fetched; maybe not. Honestly, I don’t care. There is a lesson here. It’s a powerful one for sure. Let me start by saying that, despite our gyms name, there are limits. There are… More →

Start here.

start here

One of the biggest frustrations that people have is the issue of where to start. My advice to you is….. START HERE. Today I am going to give you a 7 step decision making process to getting you started. This is going to be super valuable for you so make sure to read till the end. This post will help… More →

Love your body

Online fitness coach

Today we have a very special blog post from our friend and business partner Gidget Blunt. This lady is a complete champion and has transformed herself both physically and mentally. You can read more about her transformation in this blog post: My 5 year journey.   LOVE YOUR BODY by Gidget Blunt The new year is coming. Many of you… More →

The Biggest Lie in Fitness

Anyone that has followed me for any amount of time knows my stand on abs. I think I’ve blogged about it a dozen times and those blogs are always the most views posts of the month. Yet, the lie continues on and on and on…. Crunches don’t give you abs. Flutter kicks don’t give you abs. Planks don’t give you… More →