Mainstream weight loss advice: Fact or fiction?

mainstream weightloss advice

Today I look at mainstream weight loss advice. Is what the media is saying valid? Let’s see. This is going to be fun. Weight loss advice from the big guys. I typed in “how to lose weight” in the search bar of my web browser. The first thing that Google gave me was an article from Reader’s Digest. It’s 40… More →

7 reasons why I NEVER do ab day plus the secret to sexy abs

Why I never do ab day Rick Copley The Fit Life blog

The secret to a sexy abs isn’t to do crunches. The secret to sexy abs really is that 99% of what you think you know is dead wrong. The secret to sexy abs is actually to never do abs. Read to the end for your 12 step PLAN! I cringe every time I see someone on Facebook talking about doing… More →


The Fit Life Blog

What is the biggest health issue facing our country today? I think it is apathy. The obvious answer would be obesity or lack of exercise of quality of food or video games or any other number of surface factors. Its really a softball question that most anyone could knock out of the park but I see things different.  Please follow… More →

5 Tips to Avoid Running Injuries

The Fit Life Blog

Want to avoid running injuries? Follow these 5 tips and you will. As a runner there is NOTHING, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, that sucks worse the not being able to run. If you want to get the most out of running and get better you need to learn how to avoid running injuries. Please follow and like us:0


when disgust leads to action Rick Copley

This is a story that hits close to home. This is a story of someone that made a change that enhanced her life. This is my wife’s story of when she looked at herself with disgust and did something about it. It was quite a few years ago now. At the time Teresa was in her late 20’s and her two boys… More →

To scale or not to scale

to scale or not to scale crossfit open

One of the most common questions people that are doing the CrossFit Open have is this: Do I scale? Ah, to scale or not to scale, that is the question. If you are not familiar with the CrossFit Open it’s a world wide fitness competition where hundreds of thousands of people from across the world compete for the best score or… More →

Define Reality

Define Reality

Define your reality. Powerful, powerful words right there. This phrase can help all of us; no matter where we are on our fitness journeys. Define your reality. Where are you? What are your struggles? What don’t you like? What do you like? What hurts? What is weak? What is strong? What looks like shit in the mirror? What does the… More →

Do you hate to workout?

Moving your body is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you do. If you hate to workout then you have a major problem that you need to fix. I am here to help. If the title and headline of this blog post resonates with you then this will be the most important 5 minutes of your life. If you hate to… More →

My Addiction Struggle

Rick Copley online fitness coach

Today I want to share a personal story. It’s a story about addiction and overcoming addition. It’s pretty serious stuff. It’s about a super challenging time in my life, why it was a massive struggle, what I did about it why I am better today for the experience. I struggled with an addiction for almost 3 years in my late… More →