Keep Swinging

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I was 9 in 1982. It was the first year that my mom and step-dad were together and the year my brother was born. It was also the year that I went to my first baseball game. We lived in Connecticut at the time but my step-father was from Pennsylvania. He was a huge Pirates fan so he took me… More →

How to be a life changer: 5 steps for success

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Do you struggle with HOW to motivate your friend or loved one to get fit and healthy? Do you want to learn HOW to be a life changer? Read on… Serious topic today. REALLY serious. We all have that person in our life that is unhealthy. Right? I 100% guarantee that RIGHT NOW, as you read this, you have at… More →

The Cliff

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Picture yourself standing on a cliff. Look over the edge and realize that you don’t want to step over the edge. You step over the edge and you are dead. Plain and simple you fall to your death. One step forward and its lights out. Forever. Do you take that step? Please follow and like us:0

Keeping your kids healthy

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Your legacy is going to live on through your kids. Are you empowering your kids to be healthy? What I am going to train you on today is VERY important and is USUALLY done wrong. This training comes from my MANY years experience with this very subject both professionally and personally. It’s all about keeping your kids healthy.  Please follow and… More →