How to be healthier in 7 easy steps

how to be healthier rick copley

Do you want to have better health? Do you want to live with more vitality and have more energy and be MORE HAPPY? Do you want to be more and do more? Follow these 7 steps and you will accomplish all that and more. Living a fit life is amazing. Being happy and healthy is the best way to live… More →

Closer: My 2016 CrossFit Open

The Fit Life Blog

In 1987 I was a freshman in high school. That year I decided to try out for the sport of cross country. I knew little about running but I knew that I wanted to be successful. That first year I tried my hardest but we came up well short of the ultimate goal which was to win the state championship.… More →

The Pursuit.

Rick Copley

It started in late summer and fall of 1987. It took a little while for me to figure out that I was pursuing. Looking back all these years later I can tell you wholeheartedly that the pursuit taught me so many life lessons and it helped to form me into what I am today. The pursuit. In September of 1987 I… More →

Do you hate to workout?

Moving your body is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you do. If you hate to workout then you have a major problem that you need to fix. I am here to help. If the title and headline of this blog post resonates with you then this will be the most important 5 minutes of your life. If you hate to… More →

7 essential tips for your first marathon or half marathon

Rick Copley Online Fitness Coach

Learn how to train properly for your first marathon or half marathon As a personal trainer, coach and former distance runner it drives me absolutely CRAZY that people aren’t training properly for their first marathon or half marathon. I watch, person after person, post to Facebook and Instagram about the latest epic run in preparation for their first long race.… More →

Much too old to feel this damn young

Have you ever heard people lament about their age? Or maybe you do this? “I’m getting too old for this…” “I’m really feeling my age…” It seems as though it would be natural to feel older as you get older. Not for me. Please follow and like us:0

My Goals

I want to share with you today my health goals. I know I wrote yesterday about YOUR goal setting mindset. I thought writing about my goals and MY goal setting mindset today would be a great addition to yesterdays post. CLICK HERE to read yesterdays post. So you read yesterdays post and you probably got out of the post that… More →

Your target area…is between your ears

Your target area

In all my years of fitness I can honestly tell you that the three words that make me want to scream and pound my face against the wall are “my target area“. My heart rate and anxiety level just tripled as I sit here at my computer. I am honestly a little annoyed just seeing the words come off my… More →