Words you NEED to STOP using on your fitness journey

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There are certain words that you need to stop using on your fitness journey. Seriously. I think I am going to get in trouble with this post today. Honestly, I really don’t care. It’s the bold who change the world. I’m trying to change the world so I’d might as well be bold. Please follow and like us:0

How to be a life changer: 5 steps for success

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Do you struggle with HOW to motivate your friend or loved one to get fit and healthy? Do you want to learn HOW to be a life changer? Read on… Serious topic today. REALLY serious. We all have that person in our life that is unhealthy. Right? I 100% guarantee that RIGHT NOW, as you read this, you have at… More →

Keeping your kids healthy

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Your legacy is going to live on through your kids. Are you empowering your kids to be healthy? What I am going to train you on today is VERY important and is USUALLY done wrong. This training comes from my MANY years experience with this very subject both professionally and personally. It’s all about keeping your kids healthy.  Please follow and… More →

5 easy steps to break through a plateau

break through the plateau

A plateau during your fitness journey is inevitable. Be ready for it by by following these 5 steps. If we improved at everything, all the time, what fun would that be? What if it were sunny ALL THE TIME? We would get bored with it. We need the harder times ot appreciate the better times. It’s this way with everything. If… More →

Define Reality

Define Reality

Define your reality. Powerful, powerful words right there. This phrase can help all of us; no matter where we are on our fitness journeys. Define your reality. Where are you? What are your struggles? What don’t you like? What do you like? What hurts? What is weak? What is strong? What looks like shit in the mirror? What does the… More →

Faster as a Master by Jen St. Jean

Faster as a master

Today’s post is a guest blog from Jen St. Jean of Darien, Connecticut. Jen is runner with a simple goal: be faster as a master. Her story will inspire you. My friend and college teammate, Rick Copley thinks I’m inspirational but am I really? A little bit about me, my name is Jen. I’m a 41 year old mother of… More →

7 essential tips for your first marathon or half marathon

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Learn how to train properly for your first marathon or half marathon As a personal trainer, coach and former distance runner it drives me absolutely CRAZY that people aren’t training properly for their first marathon or half marathon. I watch, person after person, post to Facebook and Instagram about the latest epic run in preparation for their first long race.… More →

Bent on Better

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If I was to narrow down all the goals that everyone has with health and fitness I would say that we are all looking for, or at least we should be looking for, one thing: we all should be bent on better. Each and every day we should be trying to be better in a way that matters to each… More →

5 tips to making your gym workout more efficient

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Do you want to spend less time but get better results at the gym? We are all super busy. Sometimes going to the gym becomes out of the question, because frankly it takes too much time. We get off work at 4 pm and by the time we drive to the gym, do our workout, shower and drive home it’s… More →